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ICOs & Crypto Projects

In this category ICOs & Crypto Projects.

We will find the latest news about ICOs & Crypto Projects.

All related news about the world of cryptocurrencies and ICO projects.

We will find the latest news of the main Cryptocurrencies listed on Coinmarketcap.

Like we will bring daily analysis, technical analysis, and many more.

Analysis on the news listed in Binance, where we have opportunities to trade.

We will find the news about the world of cryptocurrencies, we know that having as much information as possible, makes us have many chances of being successful in our trading operations.

We will analyze the latest news on new ICOS projects.

We know that in 2018 there were many scams with ICOs.

For this reason, we take this issue very seriously and make exhaustive analyzes of the entire team of these projects.

We track their linkedins to see if they have verified accounts etc.

This will allow us to find the best investment opportunities.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is something that has a lot of risk, due to the great volatility.

That is why it is always recommended, investing the money that you are willing to lose, is one of the keys, I would say the basic premise of this world.

Once knowing the basic premises, there are two factors to consider.

1 Try to invest long-term in cryptocurrencies, since this market has great volatility, and the less you see the graph the better, this is how many people became a millionaire with Bitcoin.

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