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, Work, work, work: do you have the right job? These signs tell you | news, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Work, work, work: do you have the right job? These signs tell you | news

, Work, work, work: do you have the right job? These signs tell you | news, Forex-News, Forex-News


, Work, work, work: do you have the right job? These signs tell you | news, Forex-News, Forex-News
“The more you enjoy your work, the better it pays,” the American writer Mark Twain already knew, giving an important point that still applies in today’s world of work. You should have what you do at the spa, feel good at work and generally be satisfied with your job. Not every German is, but sometimes additional factors distort the picture that one has of one’s career choice and current employment. If you are unsure whether you are in the right job, you should therefore consider which of the following signs apply to you, because they are an indication of whether you are working in the right job – or not.

Do you enjoy going to work?

The most important question to ask yourself first is whether you enjoy going to work. Anyone who thinks with horror of the coming Monday at the weekend or cannot really enjoy their vacation because they think with horror of the working days that are about to come back to them is probably not really right at their job. It is normal that you don’t always jump up in the morning beaming with joy after the alarm clock has woken you up much too early – even if you actually like your job. Therefore, an important factor in this question is how things stand after lunch. Do you then like to go back to work and motivated to tackle the upcoming tasks or are you already counting the minutes inwardly until the end of the day? If the work only feels like a burden to you and you don’t feel like going there at all, the chances are high that you are working in the wrong job or at least under the wrong conditions.

Are you bothered by the job itself or the work environment?

In order to continue working on this, one should then ask where this reluctance to work comes from. Is it really the job itself that takes away the fun, or is the demotivation elsewhere? There are many factors here that can make it difficult to motivate you to work.

First of all, there is the environment: How do you feel when working in a team and in the company in general? Are there perhaps differences with colleagues who give you stomach ache when thinking about work? Have you been eating your boss for a long time and just not getting along with him and his instructions? If that is the case, a clarification conversation could possibly bring some improvement. But if you can’t talk to your colleagues and the boss anyway, you should also think about changing jobs. Because then it is not the activity itself that is not fun, but the environment.

Are you stressing the working conditions?

In addition to the collegial factor, the general working conditions also have a major influence on how satisfied you are with your job. Fixed working hours are not suitable for everyone, some prefer flexible models where night owls can come late and larks can start as early as they want. If you have a family, you may also be bothered by a sub-optimal work-life balance. But you can also work on this: A lot can be agreed with the employer, be it the opportunity to go to the home office a few days a week and work from home, or to come early every now and then or to do it earlier walk.

How challenging is your job?

In order to be motivated to approach work, challenges in everyday work also play a major role. Anyone who only monotonously plays back what they can already do and no longer learns anything new in their job will quickly become dissatisfied with it. However, that does not mean that the job itself is not one of you, but rather that you should look for opportunities to continue your education and further develop your skills. If there are no such options with the current employer, a change of job could be considered. Because in the long run the same thing without gaining new knowledge is just boring.

What are your career opportunities?

Another important factor in this context is the opportunities for advancement. Of course, not everyone has the ambition to take on a management position at some point, but those who have set themselves the goal of advancement may be disappointed if there are no development opportunities in this regard in the current company. As a result, work performance suffers, as does the lack of challenges. Anyone who has the feeling that they are stuck here anyway, exerts less effort, makes their job worse and becomes even more dissatisfied – a spiral of the devil. If there are no opportunities for promotion at all at the employer, a job change is the only way out.

Do I share the company values?

Company values ​​also play a role in whether you feel comfortable in your current job. In the meantime, every company has actually provided values ​​and goals that employees should orient themselves by and live by. But anyone who fundamentally contradicts what constitutes his company, will not work there satisfied in the long term. If that is the case, changing jobs is also the only loophole to escape the dilemma.

Tell friends about your work

If after answering the previous questions you are still not sure whether your choice of profession or just the current position is responsible for any dissatisfaction, it is often good to tell a friend about your job who works in a completely different profession. While you are describing your work and activities to someone else, you are reflecting on it in a completely different way. Often, outsiders also have a good idea of ​​where the real problem lies and can help with this.

When it becomes clear that the job in itself is not the right one for you, you should consider where your interests lie, where the strengths and where the weaknesses are. In this way it can be found out in which occupation one could be more satisfied. However, anyone who has noticed that they are (almost) completely satisfied in their job can count themselves lucky: Far from every German employee is satisfied with their current position.

Theresa Rauffmann / editorial team

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, Work, work, work: do you have the right job? These signs tell you | news, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Work, work, work: do you have the right job? These signs tell you | news, Forex-News, Forex-News

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