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, Two Visa cards in a duel: Free credit cards in comparison: Comdirect Visa versus DKB Visa | news, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Two Visa cards in a duel: Free credit cards in comparison: Comdirect Visa versus DKB Visa | news

, Two Visa cards in a duel: Free credit cards in comparison: Comdirect Visa versus DKB Visa | news, Forex-News, Forex-News


, Two Visa cards in a duel: Free credit cards in comparison: Comdirect Visa versus DKB Visa | news, Forex-News, Forex-News

If you open a giro account with the direct bank Comdirect, you will not only receive an entry fee of 100 euros and a giro card, you will also get the Comdirect Visa card free of charge. Also at the Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) there is a free credit card on top of the Girocard when an account is opened. With both direct banks, you do not have to pay for keeping the current account, or for current cards or credit cards. The credit cards of both providers are not available without a current account and belong to the so-called charge cards, where the total credit card balance is debited monthly.

At first glance, there are hardly any differences between the offers of both institutes. But, as is so often the case, the devil is in the details. If you take a closer look, there are definitely decisive deviations that can also be noticeable in your wallet – for example, the Comdirect Bank credit card is not unconditionally free, as our credit card comparison shows.

Comparison: Withdraw money from Comdirect and DKB

With the DKB credit card, withdrawing cash is free of charge worldwide: Neither in Germany, in the European Union nor outside the EU, does the DKB charge fees for withdrawing money. This is a little more complicated for customers of the Comdirect Bank: within the euro area, i.e. also within Germany, owners of the Comdirect Visa card have to pay a fee of 9.90 euros when withdrawing money.

However, Comdirect customers can avoid these costs if they withdraw money from the machines within Germany and the euro area with the Comdirect Girocard. Outside the euro area, withdrawing from an ATM (with the Visa symbol) does not cost a cent with a Comdirect Bank credit card.

At least the two direct banks do not charge any fees when withdrawing money abroad. However, it often happens that withdrawing money does not actually cost a cent everywhere. The operators of the ATMs very often charge a fee, so customers of the DKB as well as customers of the Comdirect have to live with it – and incidentally also all other credit card users who want to withdraw money abroad.

Payment transactions all over the world

If you pay by credit card, there are no costs with the Comdirect Visa card or the DKB Visa card within Germany and the EU. Outside the EU, however, it only remains unconditionally free with the DKB credit card. The Comdirect Bank, on the other hand, calculates 1.75 percent of sales for every payment transaction outside the euro area.

Partner or second cards: Free of charge at DKB and comdirect

Neither the DKB nor the Comdirect Bank incur fees for a second or partner card. At the Comdirect Bank there is also the possibility to get additional cards for proxy. However, these then each cost 9.90 euros per year.

Cash and discount programs at Comdirect and DKB

Both credit card providers have various discounts for their customers. Comdirect credit card holders can “save change in connection with Visa card transactions”. Payments with the Visa card are rounded up to the nearest full euro. The Comdirect Bank credits the difference amount monthly to the Tagesgeld Plus account, a daily money account that is automatically opened together with the current account. There is also a 10 percent bonus when you save change. The credit is issued at the beginning of the following month. Saving change has not been possible for new customers since November 2016, since then only existing customers have been able to benefit from this discount program.

The DKB offers various cashback programs: With “Online Cashback” and “City Cashback” there are up to 15 percent reimbursement after a purchase from partners of the direct bank. In addition, credit card customers get access to free sports and event tickets at “DKB live”.

Service and individual offers

The service that both direct banks offer is also different: At the Comdirect Bank, you as a customer can freely assign a PIN of your choice. The first time this is even free, after that you have to pay 5.90 euros per change. In addition, the Comdirect Bank offers a free SMS information service that keeps you up to date on all bookings of 200 euros or more that are made with your credit card.

For customers of the DKB there is neither the possibility of assigning a PIN of their choice, nor is there an info service via SMS. For this, the DKB offers its customers a complete emergency package together with the credit card: In many countries, the DKB provides an emergency credit card and, if necessary, emergency cash at the place of residence within 48 hours. To do this, you have to make an appointment with the hotline as to when and where the emergency package should be handed over by courier.

Technically, the credit cards of both providers are up to date. You can pay contactless with both the Comdirect Visa card and the DKB Visa card. In terms of security, the two credit cards are in no way inferior.

Comparison of Comdirect Visa and DKB Visa – conclusion

If used correctly, the credit card offers from the direct banks are very cheap, but both Visa cards must be used with care, as otherwise costs may arise. And for Comdirect customers it is even more complicated to avoid costs. This is only possible worldwide if both cards (Girocard and credit card) are combined. The fact that a payment process with the Comdirect Visa card outside the euro area costs 1.75 percent of the card turnover is anything but free.

In return, Comdirect offers its customers more individual service, but also not unconditionally free of charge: While the info service via SMS really doesn’t cost a cent, a desired PIN costs 5.90 euros per process from the second change. This individual offer is not available to customers of the DKB.

You can find the entire credit card comparison in our guide area, read on here and find the credit card that is right for you.

By Markus Gentner / editors

Image sources: Khakimullin Aleksandr / Shutterstock


, Two Visa cards in a duel: Free credit cards in comparison: Comdirect Visa versus DKB Visa | news, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Two Visa cards in a duel: Free credit cards in comparison: Comdirect Visa versus DKB Visa | news, Forex-News, Forex-News

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