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Trading seminar: Online seminar with professional trader Ren Wolfram: How to trade professionally in a time-saving manner | message


Ren Wolfram has been an active trader for 19 years and has been making a living on the stock exchange since 2003. On average, the top trader achieves an annual performance of between 50 and 70 percent – despite major setbacks on the markets.

The most powerful limiting factors for traders are naturally capital and time. After all, most of them are still employed and can only pursue their passion brse alongside their actual job. Strategies that are precisely tailored to this and enable time-saving trading are all the more important. October 21 at 6 p.m. Ren Wolfram illustrates a filter technology for the time-saving trading of outbreaks or short-term trends, as well as a weekly working strategy including the great functions for systematic trading without having to be present on the computer.

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“In the online seminar, I present various sample trades with real money that I have successfully implemented in the past,” says Ren Wolfram in advance. “The techniques can be used in all markets and can be systematically duplicated.”

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In the live event you will also find out how you can take away short-term successes on the stock marketwhich indicators are particularly relevant for Ren Wolfram and how you can easily see which direction the market is taking.

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Ren tungsten has been an active trader for 22 years and has been trading since 2003. He takes a statistically based approach using both breakout and countertrend methods. The strategies are implemented with futures. Most of the techniques can also be implemented with CFD. In 2013 he was the first German to take third place in the official world championship in futures trading, the Robbins Worldcup Trading Championship.

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Image sources: Rene Wolfram / Robbins Trading

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