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Thousands take to the streets for the evacuation of the Greek camps | message


BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Thousands of people demonstrated on Sunday in Berlin for the evacuation of the refugee camps on the Greek islands. An alliance made up of Pro Asyl, the Berlin pier and other groups had called for the demonstration and demanded that the federal government no longer block the willingness of federal states and municipalities to accept refugees.

The police spoke of a number in the “middle four-digit range” and 3,000 participants were registered.

The people gathered in the afternoon at Wittenbergplatz in Schöneberg and wanted to move to the Großer Stern in Mitte. Slogans like “We have space!” and “Seehofer, be a Christian” to read. A little girl held up the demand “Let the people in”.

On World Children’s Day, Pro Asyl pointed out in particular the misery of children and young people in the Greek camps. The human rights organization also called for an “immediate end to the Greek government’s illegal push-back practices”. Greece commits a permanent violation of the law and disregards elementary rights.

Managing director Günter Burkhardt accused EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen of failing in her role as guardian of the European treaties. Thousands of people seeking protection are officially denied decent reception and access to the right to asylum.

Greece is accused of towing boats with migrants from Greek waters coming from Turkey back towards Turkey. In some cases, even the boats ‘engines are said to have been destroyed and the migrants’ lives were put at risk./fds/DP/fba

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