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This is how the prices of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum move on Saturday | message


The Bitcoin exchange rate rose to $ 11,290.35 today, compared to the previous day at $ 11,073.50.

Bitcoin Cash rate increased Bitcoin Cash rate to $ 238.46 after being at $ 237.19 the previous day.


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The Ethereum price climbed to $ 370.41. The Ethereum exceeded the previous day’s level of 365.62 US dollars.

The Litecoin course went up to $ 48.98. The previous day the rate had stood at $ 47.80.

The Ripple price has risen. At noon, Ripple climbed to $ 0.2546 after trading at $ 0.2535 the day before.

The Cardano rate rose to $ 0.1063 after trading at $ 0.1019 the previous day.

The Monero is worth $ 117.31 on Saturday. The Monero rate rose compared to the previous day when it was still at 116.69 US dollars.

The IOTA is trading lighter at $ 0.2687. The previous day the price was quoted at $ 0.2710.

Today the Verge price rose to $ 0.0044. The Verge price climbed above the previous day’s level of 0.0043 US dollars.

The Stellar exchange rate rose to $ 0.0762 compared to the previous day. There was still $ 0.0752 on the board.

The NEM is up at $ 0.1204. On the previous evening, the digital currency was still at $ 0.1199.

The Dash price ranks at $ 67.96. The day before, the Dash was still at $ 67.43.

The NEO rate shows up at $ 17.77 on Saturday. The NEO price climbed above the previous day’s level of 17.41 US dollars. editorial team

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