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The Beiersdorf empire: the brands of Beiersdorf AG | message


• The twelve brands of Beiersdorf AG
• Nivea, Tesa and Co.
• Billions in sales

The creation of the group

The German Beiersdorf AG was founded in 1882 by the Hamburg pharmacist Paul Carl Beiersdorf and was taken over eight years later by Oscar Troplowitz, who also worked as a pharmacist.

The success story of the group begins with the invention of the medical plaster by Beiersdorf, later the company developed the first adhesive strips under the leadership of Troplowitz, which ultimately became the brands Tesa and Hansaplast evolved.

Around 1900 the company also produced the first care products in the form of Labello and Nivea Fettcremes. Today Beiersdorf is one of the largest international consumer goods companies.

The brands of Beiersdorf AG

Today, Beiersdorf AG owns a total of twelve brands which, apart from Tesa, manufacture all products for the body care and health sectors. The group itself also differentiates between the areas ‘Consumer Bereichen and Tesa.

Probably the best-known brand of the AG would be Nivea, with the fat cream in the blue can the company celebrates a worldwide success to this day, but almost everyone should also be familiar with Hansaplast, Labello and Tesa.

The brands 8×4 (deodorant), Atrix (hand cream), Eucerin (Skin care), Florena (hand and face cream), Gammon (perfume), Hidrofugal (deodorant and shower gel) and La Prairie (Cosmetics) to the group.

7.7 billion euros in sales

In 2019, Beiersdorf AG had sales totaling 7.7 billion euros, with Nivea representing the brand with the highest sales. The brand value here as of 2020 is around 5.7 billion euros.

In terms of popularity, Nivea also enjoys a high reputation, especially in Germany. With 29.6 percent, Nivea / Nivea MEN is the most popular brand for shower additives and with 21.1 percent the most popular brand for deodorant.

Worldwide, 20,000 employees work in 160 subsidiaries, with 17 production sites in twelve countries. To this day, Beiersdorf AG has developed almost all of its products itself and does not buy them from competitors.

Henry Ely / editors


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