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Support China and Europe: BMW shares turn negative: BMW sells significantly more cars | message


In total, the BMW Group’s sales climbed by 8.6 percent to 675,680 vehicles in the three months, according to the announcement. Due to the slump in sales in the first six months as a result of the corona-related lockdown, the decline in the nine months is still 12.5 percent.

Sales of electrified models developed particularly strongly in the quarter, rising by almost 47 percent to 54,719 units. “We are extremely satisfied (…) with sales growth of almost fifty percent for electrified vehicles,” said BMW sales manager Pieter Nota. This means that electric mobility is a substantial growth driver. “We have been able to deliver around 10,000 fully electric minis since the beginning of the year.”

According to further information, sales of the core brand BMW climbed by 9.8 percent to 585,336 vehicles in the three months. In the case of Mini, there was an increase of 1.9 percent to 89,253 vehicles.

In the world’s largest car market, China, sales rose by 31 percent to 230,612 premium cars. After the sharp decline at the start of the year, the Munich-based company in China is now up 6.4 percent for the full year up to September.

In Germany, sales rose by a good 12 percent in the quarter, in Europe by 7 percent. In contrast, sales in the important US market fell by almost 16 percent in the quarter.

In early XETRA trading, the BMW share rose 0.26 percent to 65.02 euros, but has now dropped 0.49 percent to 64.53 euros.



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