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SDAX-ETF: invest successfully in small caps with the best ETFs


Buy SDAX ETF: Benefit from the potential of small caps

With an SDAX ETF, you as an investor can easily participate in the performance of the “secret world market leaders”. An exchange-traded fund (ETF), i.e. an exchange-traded index fund, replicates the underlying index, in this case the SDAX, ideally 1: 1. If the SDAX increases by one percent, the SDAX ETF also increases by one percent.

The differences between one SDAX ETF and another are marginal at first glance, but they can have long-term effects and may cost you returns. In addition to the fees that (negatively) influence performance, the type of replication, the type of distribution and the investment costs also determine how exactly an ETF reflects the price development of the underlying index ‘.

A physically replicating ETF (direct replication) buys and sells the original shares listed in the underlying index – at the Full replication the original shares are bought in full, with the so-called optimized sampling only the most important stocks in the index are bought.

Synthetic replicating ETFs (indirect replication) ETF providers, on the other hand, map the price development of the underlying index via a so-called swap transaction – you can find out exactly what that is and more about the different replication methods, distribution types and fees of index funds in the advice articles Buy ETF, DAX ETF and ETF savings plan as well as in our ETF lexicon, in which we explain the most important terms relating to funds and ETFs. In the following, we briefly highlight the most important factors when selecting an ETF.

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