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Sales increased: Amazon share collapses: investors worry about upcoming costs | message


Amazon has presented the figures for the past quarter, thereby only partially surpassing the experts’ forecasts.
Earnings per share were $ 5.01, while analysts had expected $ 6.48. In the prior-year quarter, EPS was $ 7.09.

However, Amazon also has high expenses due to the pandemic – for example, due to a recruitment campaign in the face of the large number of customers on its delivery services.

Earnings fell about 30 percent to $ 2.5 billion in the past quarter, but the worst is yet to come. For the current quarter, Amazon warned of special costs of around $ 4.0 billion due to the corona pandemic. In addition to occupational safety, massive investments should also be made in delivery logistics. Amazon forecasted operating profit in a range of $ 1.5 billion to $ 1.5 billion, predicting an 18 to 28 percent increase in revenue. Amazon emphasized that reliable forecasts are currently difficult.

In the first quarter, sales rose 26 percent year-on-year to $ 75.5 billion, as the world’s largest online retailer announced Thursday (local time) after the U.S. closed. However, Amazon also has high expenses due to the pandemic – for example, due to a recruitment campaign in the face of the large number of customers on its delivery services.

“If you own Amazon shares, you’d better sit down now, because we don’t think small,” warned CEO Jeff Bezos of the impending cost increase, which could consume the entire operating profit in the current quarter. Amazon is profiting from the crisis in many areas, but at the same time it is “the hardest times we have ever faced”. Amazon wants to spend a lot of money to better protect its employees and develop its own COVID-19 tests.

The Amazon stock listed on NASDAQ was trading at a discount of 7.6 percent at $ 2,286.04 at the end of trading on Friday. Previously, the paper had hit a new record high at $ 2,475 in official Thursday trading.

Nevertheless, Amazon has so far been one of the big winners in the crisis. In the past three months, the share price has risen by more than 30 percent and reached new record highs. As a major shareholder, CEO and founder Jeff Bezos also benefits greatly. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, his wealth has increased by around $ 29 billion to $ 143 billion since the beginning of the year, so that he significantly expanded his status as the richest person in the world during the crisis.

> Exit restrictions due to the corona pandemic have recently exploded demand for Amazon’s delivery services in many regions of the United States. However, the company struggled with the large crowds and was temporarily overwhelmed. Many customers still have to wait longer than usual or cannot place any orders with the coveted food delivery services. Bezos wants to solve these problems with high investments. While US companies are cutting jobs at record speed, Amazon is hiring employees on a large scale.

In March it was announced that 100,000 people would be hired to cope with the increased demand. A further 75,000 were hired in April. But Amazon is also heavily criticized for its working conditions – especially in the Corona crisis. The company is accused of not doing enough to protect its employees and is repeatedly confronted with protests. Amazon rejects the allegations, but could still get into trouble. For example, the mayor Bill de Blasio and the powerful Attorney General Letitia James intervened because of the controversial dismissal of a strike organizer in New York.

In the era of staying at home and working from home, the company can still rely on its lucrative cloud business, which includes IT services and storage space on the Internet. Amazon’s flagship, the web platform AWS – the market leader in cloud services for companies – increased revenue in the most recent quarter by almost a third to $ 10.2 billion. The division’s operating profit even grew by around 40 percent to $ 3.1 billion. Amazon’s largest cloud rival Microsoft had also reported strong growth in this area the previous day.

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