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ROUNDUP / Trump’s doctor: President had no stroke | message


WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) – The White House has speculations about the state of health of Donald Trump Rejected after an unusual hospital visit from the president caught new attention through a book. Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley said that Trump had not had a stroke or acute disorders of the cardiovascular system and was not examined for it. He still assumes that Trump is fit enough for the presidency. It remained unclear why the personal physician specifically commented on these diseases.

A reporter for the “New York Times”, Michael S. Schmidt, mentioned in his book “Donald Trump v. The United States”, published on Tuesday, that Trump had surprisingly gone to a hospital on a Saturday last November. Vice-President Mike Pence had also been made ready to temporarily take over official business if Trump was to be put under general anesthesia, wrote Schmidt. In the end, that was not necessary and the reason for the visit remained a mystery. Schmidt did not provide any details about the source of the information, nor did he speculate about the reasons for Trump’s hospital visit.

Trump wrote on Twitter on Wednesday night that Pence had never been made ready to take over official business. A few hours earlier, Pence had simply said on Fox News that he had no recollection of anything like this happening.

Trump added in the tweet that he completed his annual health check during the “brief visit”. In November, however, after the two-hour hospital visit, he wrote that he had started the first phase of his annual check-up. And he visited the family of a young man who had been operated on.

Meanwhile, in a Fox News interview broadcast Tuesday, Trump reiterated the suggestion that he and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden should be tested for performance-enhancing substances before the TV presidential election debates. Trump said he noticed a difference in Biden’s demeanor between various Democratic debates. “He’s on some kind of performance upgrade, in my opinion,” said the US president without substantiating it./so/DP/mis

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