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ROUNDUP: Further evacuations on the volcanic island of La Palma – earthquakes with a strength of 4.5 | news


LA PALMA (dpa-AFX) – Because of the approaching lava, the authorities on the volcanic island of La Palma have ordered the evacuation of around 300 people. The number of people who had to get to safety from the consequences of the volcanic eruption rose to more than 7,000, as the state TV broadcaster RTVE reported on Thursday. At the same time, around 100 more light to medium earthquakes were registered. One had a strength of 4.5 and was thus the most violent since the eruption of the volcano on September 19.

In the afternoon there were spectacular pictures when the funnel of the volcano overflowed and large amounts of lava flowed over its rim. However, experts stressed that this is a normal occurrence from time to time, as RTVE reported. The lava will probably flow towards the sea on its previous way without causing any new damage.

Since the northern flank of the volcanic cone collapsed last Saturday, the flow of lava through inhabited areas towards the sea has increased. The emerging lava was also around 1200 degrees hotter than before and therefore thinner and somewhat faster. The evaluation of the data from the European Earth observation system Copernicus has so far destroyed 1548 buildings by the lava and covered an area of ​​680 hectares with lava and ash. That corresponds to about 950 football fields. Nobody has been harmed so far.

According to the operator Aena, the island’s airport was still operational, but was only served by a few airlines such as Binter. Air traffic to the other major tourist islands in the Canaries – Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria or Lanzarote – ran normally./ro/DP/he

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