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ROUNDUP 2 / Netflix contract: Prince Harry and Meghan become Hollywood producers | message


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LONDON / NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (39) are getting into the film business: The couple will produce series and films for Netflix in the future, as the streaming service announced on Wednesday evening. This also includes documentaries, films and offers for children. “We will concentrate on creating content that informs, but also gives hope,” said a statement from the Royals. As parents, it is important to them to have “inspiring family programs”.

The couple founded their own production company for this, reported the New York Times. Harry and Meghan could also appear in front of the camera for documentaries. Ex-actress Meghan, who was mainly seen in the law series “Suits”, has no plans to resume acting.

The contract is said to last for several years. How much money the royal couple gets for it was initially not published. According to US media reports, the two had previously held talks with other streaming services and TV providers. “Harry and Meghan have inspired millions of people around the world with their authenticity, their optimism and their leadership,” said Netflix boss Ted Sarandos, according to a statement. “We are incredibly proud that you have chosen Netflix as your creative home.”

The “unprecedented reach” of Netflix will help them to share “effective content that triggers action,” said Harry and Meghan. Netflix has around 193 million subscribers worldwide – but is under constant competition with numerous other streaming providers and under constant pressure to deliver new and trendy offers. In 2018, the provider signed the former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

According to media reports, Harry and Meghan are already working on an animated series about inspiring women. Last week the documentary “Rising Phoenix” was released on Netflix, which is about the Paralympic Games and in which Harry appears.

The couple broke away from the royal family in the spring and announced that they wanted to be financially independent (“Megxit”). For a long time, however, it was unclear what the two actually wanted to do.

Before their deal with Netflix, they published almost only details on projects that serve a good cause, such as their charitable organization “Archewell” for social projects. Meghan also worked as a voice actress in the Disney documentary “Elephant”, her fee went to an organization for the protection of elephants.

Financially, the two of them have a good cushion, but they also have a lavish lifestyle. You recently bought a large house in the California coastal city of Santa Barbara. They now live there with their one year old son Archie. They had previously lived for a short time in nearby Los Angeles and before that on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Even if they have largely separated from the royal family, the two are still royals. In the next year, Queen Elizabeth II (94) wants to put all agreements made with the couple to the test. This also includes the waiver of the lucrative “Sussex Royal” brand and the salutation “Royal Highness” ./ si / cah / DP / fba

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