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, Portfolio comparison: the best online brokers in the share portfolio test, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Portfolio comparison: the best online brokers in the share portfolio test

, Portfolio comparison: the best online brokers in the share portfolio test, Forex-News, Forex-News

Would you like to trade securities? Then don’t give away any money when trading. Rely on a portfolio with low fees and excellent services. Pay attention z. B. on free order limits, cheap ETF and fund savings plans and a large selection of discounted funds! Use the regularly updated broker comparison from Germany’s largest stock exchange portal and find the online broker that is cheapest for you! Directly to the depot comparison

Depot comparison: The order and depot fees of the most important banks and online brokers in the test

Save a few hundred euros a year quickly? This is easily possible with selected banks. Our broker test covers significant differences in order costs on. In the cheapest depots they fall Share purchase fees hardly any weight. An example: For trading DAX shares in the XETRA system of Deutsche Börse, you only pay an order commission of EUR 5.00 plus EUR 2.00 trading venue fee with inexpensive custodian banks such as *. Our depot comparison shows: Online brokers such as 1822direkt, Comdirect, Consorsbank or ING charge for a 12,000 euro order – depending on the provider – almost 35 euros order commission per trade. A big difference! Nevertheless, they are usually still significantly cheaper than branch banks.

A broker comparison can therefore be worth real money. If you switch to a stock portfolio from a cheap online broker, you can quickly save several hundred euros year after year. Traders and active investors can save more than a thousand euros – per year, of course.

Click here to read more. Or compare the online brokers with the following portfolio comparison

Even with the monthly fees Execution of savings plans or for the Buying funds there are major differences. In our broker comparison of the depots from Comdirect, Consorsbank, DKB, Flatex, ING, Maxblue, S Broker and Co., those who offer almost the entire range of investment funds with a full discount on the issue surcharge are convincing. Investors who are looking for an inexpensive share portfolio for a fund or ETF savings plan should also be careful. Because even low fees for the monthly savings plan execution will cost you a lot of money over many years – due to lost value growth. But here, too, our editors have identified cheap online brokers for you.

Online broker comparison: the order fees / commissions when buying shares

In its 11/2020 issue, the consumer magazine Finanztest recently determined the costs that investors have to calculate for a securities order with a market value of EUR 12,000. The following overview takes this financial test comparison into account and shows how much the costs differ between the individual custodian banks and online brokers.

, Portfolio comparison: the best online brokers in the share portfolio test, Forex-News, Forex-News

*) The brokerage depot is a special offer from in cooperation with Commerzbank AG – information at recommends having a depository with a provider permanently favorable conditions to open. In our Broker test Let us therefore compare the fees that banks charge for their services (order commission). However, the depot comparison does not take into account external costs such as stock exchange or brokerage fees, as these are usually passed one-to-one by the banks to the customers. Time-limited special offers or discounts for selected target groups, for example for particularly active people (so-called heavy traders) who sometimes carry out thousands of trades per month, are also not taken into account.

Online broker comparison reveals important differences in performance

Your success in trading on the stock exchange is not just about costs. When choosing your depot, also pay attention to the range of services! In our depot comparison, we therefore also take a close look at important service components for you.

Free depot management
Some banks charge you fees just for keeping your securities account. “It’s nice that you are our customer, makes 35 euros a year!” Recently, some online brokers have been turning the price screw again. In March 2020, Flatex introduced a new custody fee of 0.1% on the market value of securities in custody. What sounds manageable at first, but laps up over time. Our depot comparison shows you which providers offer depot management free of charge.

Deposit insurance
How are your deposits protected in the event of a bankruptcy? In the EU and thus also in Germany, deposits of up to EUR 100,000 per customer are legally protected (joint accounts of up to EUR 200,000). However, the deposit protection is a matter of the country, so that accounts in countries with good creditworthiness like Germany offer more security compared to countries with bad creditworthiness. Many banks are also members of the deposit protection fund of the Federal Association of German Banks (BdB), with which depositors are protected beyond the legal requirements. On the website you can easily check to what extent German banks protect your deposits.

Same day partial executions
Are same-day partial executions free of charge? When trading securities on the stock exchange, it happens again and again that an order is executed in several tranches, e.g. B. if the order volume exceeds the number of items offered on an exchange. Our online broker comparison shows you in which share portfolios you are charged fees only once and which providers ask you to pay more than once (for each partial execution).

Favorable conditions for savings plans
Which banks offer favorable terms for ETF and fund savings plans? Many investors use savings plans to invest a fixed amount of, for example, 50 euros each month. Anyone who wants to build up assets with a savings plan should therefore take a look at the fees for the monthly execution of savings plans. Our portfolio comparison shows that some brokers charge 2% or more of the savings rate, so that out of 100 euros per month, perhaps only 98.00 euros arrive in your fund or ETF. In our comparison, only those online brokers are classified as cheap, which offer a large selection (at least 100 different savings plans) and, according to the price / service list, do not charge more than 1.50 euros in fees with a savings plan rate of 100 euros.

Fund with no sales charge
Fees can also be saved when buying funds – a lot. Often there are front-end loads (agio) of around 5 percent. For example, if you place an order worth EUR 10,000, after the order has been executed, you will only have fund shares worth EUR 9,500 in your portfolio. You can save these horrific costs if you place your order with an online broker who offers your fund without an initial charge. Our depot test shows you which banks you can buy a large number of investment funds from without a premium. The range of the brokerage depot, in which you receive more than 18,000 funds without an initial charge, is huge.

Stock exchanges at home and abroad as well as over-the-counter trading
On which stock exchange do you trade your securities? Most private investors order their securities on German trading venues, some also trade on the US stock exchanges NASDAQ, NYSE or AMEX. Over-the-counter direct trading is gaining increasing importance, e. B. via Baader Bank, Tradegate or Lang & Schwarz. In the case of derivatives (warrants, knockouts, certificates, etc.), trading often takes place directly with the issuer, e.g. B. with BNP Paribas, Société Générale, UBS or the Vontobel bank. In our depot comparison we check which brokers and banks enable trading on all German stock exchanges and where you can place your orders on US stock exchanges or in off-exchange second trading.

Payment of dividends
For shareholders, the annual profit distribution in the form of dividends, in addition to any price gains, is an important income component. It’s hard to believe, but some banks and online brokers charge a fee for simply posting a dividend. Therefore, check whether such costs are incurred in your share portfolio and, if necessary, consider switching to a cheap custodian bank.

CFD trading
Where can I trade CFDs cheaply? Experienced traders in particular ask themselves this question, because trading these highly speculative financial products offers great opportunities, but also special risks. In our online broker comparison we have marked all providers with whom you can trade CFDs in addition to normal securities trading.


, Portfolio comparison: the best online brokers in the share portfolio test, Forex-News, Forex-News

Share portfolio comparison – with these tips you can save on securities trading

How can you as an investor save on trading? What should you pay attention to when choosing your share portfolio and how do you correctly approach a portfolio change? Read our most important tips about stock portfolios and trading.

Pay attention to the custody fee of your share portfolio

It sounds like a long time ago: some branch banks still charge fees that are incurred completely regardless of whether you as an investor are particularly active on the stock exchange or trade seldom. For example, you as an investor will be year after year Custody fees in the amount of 30 euros. An annual fee for becoming a customer? Remarkable!

There are also numerous banks that still have one Custody fee to calculate. A fee only for the fact that your securities “may be” in the bank’s custody account. In addition to online brokers like Flatex (see above), which asks its customers to pay 0.1%, traditional branch banks in particular stand out negatively. Example Stadtsparkasse München: According to the price and service list from April 2020 in the classic depot, 9 euros plus 0.045% of the market value are due quarterly for the custody of shares. With a stock portfolio of 50,000 euros, this item quickly adds up to 126 euros per year.

Tip: Save these avoidable deposit costs and do not open your deposit with a provider with a fee model from a bygone era! Instead, choose an online broker with whom you can order at low fees and where the custody account is free.

Choose a portfolio with low order fees

The largest cost block for you as an investor are the transaction and order costs; that is, the fees incurred in buying and selling your securities. Besides the Order commission, which your bank charges for the execution of your transactions, the order fees also include the so-called Third party charges.

The most important cost factor: the order commission

First, take a look at that Order commission. Most branch banks and online brokers calculate this fee as a percentage of your order volume. The order commission is therefore mostly dependent on the size of your order. For example, if you buy Siemens shares to the value of 10,000 euros, you pay an order commission of 65 euros with a commission rate of 0.65% of the market value. Usually the banks also charge a minimum rate, so that the bank gets its money’s worth even with smaller investment amounts. Stadtsparkasse München, for example, charges 0.5% of the market value, but at least 15 euros for an online order (maximum 160 euros). A 10,000 euro order costs 50 euros, an order over the phone or an order in the branch is even more expensive and can quickly reach the three-digit range.

In the brokerage custody account, however, investors only pay an order commission of 5 euros (plus 2 euros flat-rate trading venue fee). This fee applies to all German trading venues and is completely independent of the order volume. Flatex is also cheap here at 5.90 euros per trade. The “flat tax” only applies here up to an order volume of 40,000 euros – beyond that it becomes more expensive. Here you can find the stock portfolio comparison.

, Portfolio comparison: the best online brokers in the share portfolio test, Forex-News, Forex-News

External expenses as a cost factor

Also Third party charges are among the order fees that are charged to you by your bank or broker. These are costs that are incurred for the execution of your order with third parties, for example trading center fees, brokerage fees or clearing fees. Most of the time, these external charges are shown separately in your securities statement. However, some of these order fees are also lost in the other cost blocks of your bank.

When choosing the share portfolio, pay attention to the third-party fees that are passed on to you in the securities accounts.

Fund fees as a cost factor

Fund investors and fund savers should also pay attention to favorable terms for trading investment funds. Particularly when buying funds, there are regularly considerable sales charges, which are often five percent or higher. A fund order over 5,000 euros quickly results in fees of 250 euros. A cost block that you as an investor can avoid if you opt for a provider with contemporary conditions. Before opening your share portfolio, check whether your provider offers the fund purchase with a reduced or even free subscription.

The free brokerage depot also offers favorable conditions here. Instead of volume-based fees, fund investors only pay a fixed order commission of 5 euros. There is a total of more than 18,000 funds to choose from – and thus almost all investment funds that can be traded in Germany. You can also set up savings plans on funds or ETFs cheaply. There is only a fixed amount of 1 euro for the monthly savings plan. Also read our 8 tips for buying funds!

Other fees: limit fees, order cancellation, Eurex and CFD trading

Often providers also charge Limit fees or Cancellation fees. Fees are also often incurred when orders are “partially executed” in several tranches. There seem to be no limits to inventiveness. Modern providers forego these fees. When opening a share portfolio, make sure that your provider will bill you for costs.

Older investors in particular often prefer to use the phone when placing an order. This order method is usually more expensive than ordering via the Internet, where the bank does not have to keep staff on hand. Interested parties can therefore also take a look at the conditions Telephone trading or for placing orders by telephone.

Investors with many years of experience who would also like to trade on the world’s largest derivatives exchange for financial derivatives, EUREX, should also look at the conditions for the EUREX futures trading check. The same goes for the CFD trading. There are often separate price-performance lists for highly speculative EUREX trading or trading in contracts for difference.

It is not uncommon for investors to lend their securities account in order to create “new room for maneuver” in the advertising language of the marketing professionals. One Securities loan (Securities Lombard loan) is neither a panacea for financial bottlenecks nor the work of the devil. Used in a targeted manner, for example to hedge the portfolio in turbulent market phases, a securities loan can definitely make sense. Even those who need short-term money, but do not want to sell securities temporarily, can borrow part of their share portfolio with a securities loan at more favorable conditions instead of high overdrafts. Since the conditions for securities loans also differ from bank to bank, it is also worth taking a look at the price and service specifications.

Depot selection: also compare the trading options!

After you have compared the fees of different providers, it is worth taking a look at the Performance and trade differences. For a quick overview, use our online broker comparison.

The services not only include the available trading venues, possible order paths or the order and trading additions. Deposit insurance has also been given new weight in the wake of the financial crisis.

Stock exchanges: where can you trade?

Actually there are no longer any exceptions. A professional provider offers you Access to all German stock exchanges, starting with the electronic trading system XETRA, via the Frankfurt and Stuttgart Stock Exchanges to the regional stock exchanges in Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover.

There are often differences between the available ones Foreign exchanges: Most foreign securities can be bought and sold more cheaply at German trading venues. Lesser-known foreign stocks are often only sensibly tradable on the respective home stock exchanges. Partly because the shares are not listed on any German stock exchange. Partly because sales in Germany are often so low that it is hardly possible to trade stocks in Germany. Interested investors therefore check whether, and if so, under what conditions, trades can be carried out via important US trading venues such as the NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX or the London Stock Exchange.

Over-the-counter trading is becoming increasingly important

It’s convenient and fast: the over-the-counter trading. Security orders are usually confirmed online immediately, and there are no stock exchange or brokerage fees. In addition, trading through providers such as Lang & Schwarz is usually possible even before the stock market opens and after the stock market closes. No wonder that more and more transactions are no longer being carried out on the stock exchanges, but rather in over-the-counter direct trading. Be careful when choosing your share portfolio: not all trading venues are available with every online broker. Interested parties should therefore check which trading venues, issuers and fund companies are available for over-the-counter trading. With the online broker of Brokerage, for example, there are more than a dozen over-the-counter trading venues available to investors.

Fund trading through the corporation or the stock exchange?

Investors who bet on mutual funds should, in addition to the Conditions for fund purchase (Keyword “reduced issue surcharge”; see above) also check whether fund orders via the fund company (KVG) are treated in the same way as orders via the stock exchange or in over-the-counter trading. Investors who want to build up assets with the fund savings plan should also attach importance to favorable conditions for savings plans and a wide selection of fund, ETF and possibly also ETC savings plans when choosing a deposit.

Wide range of order types and trade supplements

Experienced investors never trade without limits. Take the available ones in your online broker comparison Order types and trade additions under the microscope! In addition to the question of the fees for placing order limits, you should also check whether complex order types are also possible with the broker of your choice, for example trailing stops, where buy / sell limits adjust dynamically if your securities move in the planned direction move. The website offers a good overview of the various order types.

Deposit insurance is mandatory

Before opening the online depot, it is advisable to take a look at the deposit protection and the website of the Federal Association of German Banks. There you can easily find out to what extent your account deposit in your new custody account is protected in the event of the bank’s insolvency. According to an EU directive drawn up in 2009, deposits in the EU are legally protected up to 100,000 euros per depositor and credit institution. If your provider is also a voluntary member of the deposit protection fund of the Association of German Banks, your customer deposits are even protected beyond that. Important: Securities such as stocks, bonds, funds or ETFs kept in your custody account are part of the special fund (Section 92 KAGB). As special assets, these are protected separately and do not count towards the bankruptcy estate of a bank in the event of bankruptcy.

, Portfolio comparison: the best online brokers in the share portfolio test, Forex-News, Forex-News

Best share portfolio in the 2019 bank test of € uro

The specialist magazine € uro regularly takes a close look at the offers from online brokers. The conditions that investors receive in the brokerage depot were again among the cheapest in the broker test. Here you can find all information about the brokerage depot.

, Portfolio comparison: the best online brokers in the share portfolio test, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Portfolio comparison: the best online brokers in the share portfolio test, Forex-News, Forex-News
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