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Personal liability insurance – find the cheapest with these tips


The best liability insurance for individuals

Offers for individuals The liability fund very good insurance protection with the tariff “PHV Simple Complete”. You are insured up to a cover of EUR 50 million for EUR 83.30 annually. The best performance guarantee of this tariff goes beyond the usual measure. If you report a damage, an insurance employee will check for you whether a competitor insures such damage and you do not have to research it yourself. We think that this is real service quality. In the event of a claim, you have a lot to do anyway – accommodating the insurance can then be a great relief.

Unlike usual, the liability insurance in the selected tariff not only pays the current value for property damage, for example of a cell phone or a camera, but also pays a replacement value compensation of up to 2,500 euros. Failure coverage is also included in the insurance cover. This is also liable if you have been harmed with intent. Possible damage caused by drones weighing up to five kilograms is included in the insurance cover. In addition, the personal liability of the liability insurance fund can be canceled on a daily basis.

You are a little cheaper at Bavarian insured with the “Prestige Top Protection” tariff. Singles without children receive insurance cover for an annual premium of EUR 77.90 and can also be canceled on a daily basis. The coverage amounts to 50 million euros and you do not pay any excess. The insurance cover also has default cover, which is also liable for intent – this is not a matter of course.

Tenants are also insured against any damage to rented property and volunteers do not need any additional association insurance to be insured for their social commitment. In addition, childminders and babysitters are also covered by this private liability. However, if you like to explore the neighborhood with your drone (up to 0.5 kg), you are covered, but you have to pay a deductible of 250 euros. If you take more care of the neighboring dog, you are also prepared with the Bavarian against liability for damage. And the loss of the key of a rental apartment is insured up to 50 million euros. However, self-employed or part-time activities are only insured up to an annual turnover of 15,000 euros.

Important: The “Prestige Top Protection” tariff of the Bavarian becomes noticeably cheaper if you were insured for several years with no previous damage.

There is still a cheaper private liability insurance for singles that can keep up with the insurance coverage of the liability insurance and the Bavarian: At VHV You are protected with the “Exclusive with Best Performance Guarantee” tariff for EUR 75.57 annually. This insurance also has a coverage of 50 million euros. For less money, the same components are included as in the tariffs of the Bavarian and the liability insurance. In addition, the insurance is liable for all damage to rented or borrowed items. The Bavarian does that too – but only up to an amount of 10,000 euros.

The best performance guarantee is also included here, but not including insurance research. The VHV can score with a so-called pre-insurance guarantee; If your old liability insurance has insured possible damage that is not theoretically covered by the VHV, you are still protected as well as with your previous insurance. An example: Your previous insurance insured a boat with an engine power of 20 HP, but the VHV only up to 15 HP. With the pre-insurance guarantee, also called the vested rights guarantee, you are still insured with the VHV with up to 20 hp.

Our recommendation: All three tariffs presented for singles are very close together. If service quality is particularly important to you, we recommend Die Haftpflichtkasse. The special form of the best price guarantee gives you an incomparable advantage. If you want very good protection, but also want to be insured cheaply, the Bavarian and VHV offer the best value for money. Of course, it is also much cheaper for singles. You can insure yourself as a single person for as little as 40 euros – however, there is then significantly less benefit. We think: 75 to 85 euros are very well invested money for all-round protection.

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