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, Own360 – Own360 Climate Action Heroes!, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Own360 – Own360 Climate Action Heroes!

, Own360 – Own360 Climate Action Heroes!, Forex-News, Forex-News

, Own360 – Own360 Climate Action Heroes!, Forex-News, Forex-News

June 1, 2021 15:00

The Own360 Community helps to make sustainable ideas big! How? There is an initiative called the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative. Initiated by none other than the Terminator himself. The main goal is to increase climate awareness and bring project ideas from various founders and companies to the curtain. We not only think this initiative is damn cool, we want to help put concrete ideas into practice right away!

Because in this way we can all do our part to bring more action to climate protection. And this is how we want to go about it:

Less talk, more action

With our democratic sustainability fund, we are already bringing climate protection into the focus of the Own360 community. But what we have not yet made strong enough: to put climate protection in the focus of companies.

Thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger that this is where the action comes. We think that his Climate Initiative 1a fits into our Own360 world. That is why we want to actively support them. True to the motto “Less talk, more action”, the Own360 app will not only be used for talking in the coming weeks, but will also be tackled right away.

As part of the initiative, companies around the world have the opportunity to submit their special climate protection project and have themselves declared a Climate Action Hero. Successful ideas are then presented by the initiative and the best are even rewarded by Arnie himself. We want to take up some of these ideas, present them here, and examine with you how they fit into the Own360 companies.

Who has what it takes to be a Climate Action Hero?

We build a bridge between the owners and their companies and check with you whether our companies really have what it takes to be a Climate Action Hero. In the coming weeks we will present you selected climate action ideas that have already been submitted to Schwarzenegger’s Climate Initiative. And you can vote on whether our Own360 companies should put one of these ideas into practice. We then take the initiative and contact the companies for the Own360 community.

Of course, we will take you with us on the trip and provide ongoing updates on the reactions of your company.

Do Own360 Climate Action Heroes already exist?

The ideas that have been submitted to the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative so far also include projects from your companies. We don’t want to withhold that from you either!

Your support helps!

If you want to support the Own360 Climate Action Hero Initiative, share our contributions with the whole world and mark “The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative”. In view of the rapidly advancing climate change, every contribution makes an important contribution. We look forward to a special full of success stories and positive examples! Let’s bring it on!

, Own360 – Own360 Climate Action Heroes!, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Own360 – Own360 Climate Action Heroes!, Forex-News, Forex-News

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