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OTS: GeicoTaikisha / Automotive: GeicoTaikisha acquires three new … | message


Automotive industry: GeicoTaikisha acquires three new companies in

Europe / The German market and vertical know-how are pending

first place

Milan (ots) – GeicoTaikisha, Italian-Japanese group headquartered in

Cinisello Balsamo (Northern Milan) and world leader in the production of

automated painting systems for car bodies consolidates its technological

Know-how and its market position worldwide through the acquisition of three

Engineering company. The transaction, because of the pandemic – a situation

due to the uncertainty and global economic crisis with the crisis of

2009 is comparable – in one of the darkest moments in the automotive industry

took place, found its successful conclusion in these days. Today as then

The company decided to use this difficult time to look over the horizon

look out and prepare for the markets to rebound. In the year 2009

it was the inauguration of the new research and development center – the

Pardis Innovation Center – today it is the acquisition of three companies.

The guiding strategy of this transaction is awareness of the importance that

the German market, which will presumably also lead the economic recovery, in

Europe has in the automotive sector. “We are aware that the current

The situation is full of uncertainties, but even more so in difficult times

Investing is part of our DNA because we feel it is our duty

towards our stakeholders and their future. “Daryush Arabnia, President

and CEO of the GeicoTaikisha group.

The acquisition concerns the company J-PM based in Stuttgart,

Germany, which in the field of services in terms of technology and des

Project management is in progress; the company PSP – with the Russian

Branch – that develops electrical controls and the Croatian

SAC company specializing in software and IT solutions development

specializes in order to be even more “intelligent” with a view to Industry 4.0

To maintain attachments. With this new corporate structure, these three give

Company decided to found GeicoTaikisha Germany (J-PM) and

GeicoTaikisha Controls (PSP and SAC).

This transaction enables the GeicoTaikisha group to become the market leader

to strengthen it further, in particular through an ad hoc offer for Germans

Customers with whom she has worked for years. The presence in

Germany, contacts with German OEMs are to be further expanded in order to

To be able to have an increasingly stable and sustainable relationship over time

and a convergence of interests for developing more competitive

to create technological solutions with high-tech content. Beyond that

the group will benefit from the immediate expansion of its know-how

and thanks to the technological verticalization it is unique in the

Advancing automotive industry. At the same time, GeicoTaikisha is not just becoming internal

Acquire skills, but also network capacities with partners and

Expand suppliers with whom the three companies are already working worldwide

work together.

The beginnings of this transaction go back to 2014 when the

Engineering company J-PM was founded with the aim of having the presence of

Expand GeicoTaikisha in the German market. Thanks to the companies PSP and

SAC specializing in electrical control systems and software development fr

an increasingly “intelligent” and flexible management of the paint shops

specialized, J-PM was able to expand its business in just 5 years.

“I’m really very happy to be part of GeicoTaikisha. Us

have been working together for 5 years and know each other well, so we are convinced

that we will become even stronger in the future as we focus on technological and

on a commercial level. “Reiner Koch, MD of JPM.

“We are very excited to be part of such a significant group as GeicoTaikisha

with values ​​that are so close to ours, even if they are

different countries. “Damir Kovacevic, MD of PSP & SAC.

In this regard, the GeicoTaikisha group increases the number of its employees

by more than 100 specialists in the fields of automation and

digitalization and increase your know-how around Industry 4.0

expand – all with the aim of becoming the world’s first smart paint shop


“The acquisition of J-PM, PSP and SAC is part of the strategic vision of

GeicoTaikisha. As early as 2014, the year JPM was founded, our company

the role of Germany as a lead market for growth and upturn in the

Automotive industry recognized “, explains Daryush Arabnia, new Chairman, President

and CEO of GeicoTaikisha. “It is indeed an investment that

it enables us to match the offer of the three companies with our offer

integrate and thus the competitiveness of GeicoTaikisha in Germany

as well as worldwide thanks to a “360 degree service”. GeicoTaikisha

undertakes today as then, after the crisis of 2008, as the Pardis Innovation

Center was implemented to invest in research and development that

same steps. In the most difficult moments, our group has always been

through resilience and investment in research and development as well as the

Training excellent and this transaction confirms this strategy “,

Daryush Arabnia comments in conclusion.

The GeicoTaikisha Group is a global supplier of turnkey systems

for surface treatment and painting for the most important

Automobile manufacturers worldwide. It generates an average turnover

of $ 3.1 billion (including $ 1 billion from unconsolidated

Company) and has 5,000 employees working in 20 countries, 43 branches

and 6 production units are active.

Press contact:

We would be happy to arrange an interview with Daryush Arabnia, CEO

of the GeicoTaikisha group.

We are happy to send photos for free use on request.

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