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OFFICIAL CORRECTION / ROUNDUP: Numerous school children have to be in quarantine message


(The number and number of children expected to be in quarantine was corrected in the heading and text. The city of Göttingen has clarified the approximate statement of a speaker made after a rough calculation. The first and second paragraphs have been redrafted, the last sentence has been deleted from the third paragraph .)

GÖTTINGEN (dpa-AFX) – After a corona outbreak in Göttingen, numerous school children have to be in quarantine for two weeks. According to a current calculation, “a little less than a hundred” children and adolescents are affected, said Social Affairs Director Petra Broistedt (SPD) on Friday evening. At first, a city spokesman had spoken of possibly several hundred people affected.

The students who had contact with children who were infected with the Corona virus as a result of violations of the rules at private celebrations of large families for the Muslim Sugar Festival come into quarantine, Broistedt said. Of the 120 infected so far in connection with the celebrations, 39 are schoolchildren. Broistedt said that only part of these had been in school because of the general restrictions.

This is a major problem for all children and adolescents who now have to be quarantined, said the deputy chairman of the City School Council, Tim Wiedenmeier. “That means further social isolation. It is difficult to bear.”

Irrespective of the quarantine measures, the Göttingen schools, which were all closed due to the Corona outbreak, are due to resume operation from Monday onwards, said Social Affairs Director Broistedt. For this purpose, the schools received an extensive catalog of codes of conduct.

Meanwhile, the city has started a three-day mass test in the high-rise complex, which is the focus of the Corona outbreak. Almost 220 residents took part in this on the first day. The people were very cooperative, said an administrative spokesman. According to the police, there were no noteworthy incidents. The officials were on site because the administration had announced that the mandatory participation in the emergency test would be enforced with the help of the police.

According to the city, around 600 people are registered in the residential complex. However, the authorities suspect that many more people live there. How to ensure that unregistered residents also appear for the test remained open. Irrespective of this, around 250 residents and employees of an old people’s home were also tested on Friday in Göttingen after an employee became infected with the corona virus.

Because many members of the large families actively play sports, the city had forbidden all Göttingen sports clubs to run training and competitions this week. The administration made further possible restrictions dependent on the course of the infection. When asked how he assessed the situation, Mayor Rolf-Georg Köhler (SPD) replied on Thursday evening: “The traffic lights are dark yellow.” / Mbt / DP / stw

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