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€ uro magazine, issue 7/2020, in stores from June 17, 2020

Topic selection

How safe is safe?

“No losses in times of crisis”: gold, federal bonds, real estate and Co.
They often protect our money less than you think. The alternatives.

The € uro interview

Ex-Minister Gerhart Baum: “The auto industry is a risk patient with previous illness”.

family business

The best listed traditional companies from Germany.

Rampant central bank

The Federal Constitutional Court has upset the EU Commission with its ruling on the European Central Bank’s bond purchases. Top economist Lars Feld on the consequences for Germany.

How safe are my shares?

How customers’ securities accounts are protected in the event of bank failures.

Fatal gap

Only supplementary care policies fully cover possible home costs in old age. All providers and their top tariffs tested.

Online general meetings

Why shareholder meetings on the web are worrying investor protection.

Current accounts

Which offers are still free and which financial institutions are increasing the fees.

Pay unequal

Why the Corona crisis could widen the gap between men and women.

Retired at 40

Visit to the new early retirees.

… and many other topics on stocks, funds, bonds and certificates!


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