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New products: Apple Keynote in the live ticker: The “Time Flies” event is about to start, be there now – Apple shares rise | message


After “Its Showtime” the motto this year is “Time Flies”
According to rumors, the focus is on the Apple Watch
Are there any new iPhones coming?

6:54 pm

In the meantime, the link to the event stream is available under “Watch Now” on the Apple homepage, but the waiting loop in the Apple logo, which was also visible on Twitter, can still be seen here. It starts in a few minutes.

6:45 p.m.

A quarter of an hour before the planned start of the Apple event, the share is still in the black. Most recently, it cost $ 117.63 1.98 percent more than the previous evening.

6:38 pm

As usual, the Apple online shop is now offline. “We’re doing updates in the Apple Store. Check back soon” – says the iPhone manufacturer’s website.

6:17 pm

In terms of personnel, there was a high-level change just a few weeks before today’s event: Phil Schiller, who was head of product marketing at Apple for many years, will in future act as an Apple Fellow, reporting directly to Cook – but still to the App Store and Apple Manage events. The company itself grants the 60-year-old a “fabulous career” in the accompanying statement. His appearance is expected along with other familiar faces at the “Time Flies” event, which is getting closer and closer.

5:58 pm

But what about the charging mat that was once announced? In 2017, the iGroup presented the AirPower concept. After technical difficulties in development, however, no comment was made on the product.
And what about the Apple television? Fans of the iCompany have been waiting in vain for this and the charging mat for some time. Although MacLife reported, among others, that there will be no iTV, it can be hoped that this year too, one of these products will be among the innovations as a surprising “Next Big Thing”. Even if such a big surprise seems relatively unlikely without prior leaks.

5:39 pm

Brsians, however, should be clearly euphoric when Tim Cook comes out with a “Next Big Thing” that has caused enthusiasm so many times, for example when founder Steve Jobs made corresponding announcements earlier. Apple CEO Cook has often emphasized that he is enthusiastic about AR. That is why there are always suspicions that sooner or later AR glasses will be among the Apple products.

5:10 p.m.

The tension increases noticeably. Some investors continue to secure Apple shares before the start of the event. Most recently, the plus was 1.83 percent at 117.47 US dollars. But are investors keeping expectations too high? If no iPhone is presented, a great disappointment could spread despite the doubts in advance.

4:55 pm

Meanwhile, an animation on Twitter is thrilling, because apparently the iCompany has come up with something special to spread the keynote hashtag. When liking the tweet, a small heart-shaped animation can be seen, based on the tech giant’s apple logo shown in curved lines, which can be seen in the post from September 9th – but this only appears at iOS-Users to work. Another post goes viral at #AppleEvent showing the same shapes as hearts.

4:35 pm

“Time Flies” – will the Apple Watch 6 steal the show from the other novelties at this year’s Apple event? Classically, the prospects for the new iGerte are primarily around the iPhones, but this time the expectations for the wearable, which was launched for the first time in 2015, seem to be particularly high: A model called Apple Watch Pro is to appear within the Apple Watch Series 6, based on this the naming of the iPads. In addition, watchOS 7 data interprets that there is also a price-performance-oriented model as Apple Watch SE.

watchOS 7 was presented at WWDC in June. With the software upgrade, the manufacturer revealed which new functions are coming: including an in-house sleep app and numerous health-related functions. The new Apple Watch should be able to measure the oxygen content in the blood, such as Bloomberg reported. Diabetics should also be able to check their values ​​with the smart watch.

4:14 pm

Although it is in doubt whether the Tim Cook Group will present the long-awaited iPhone 12 in the evening, it seems already to be certain that there is huge potential for the new Apple smartphone in the Chinese market. As Daniel Ives, Managing Director of Wedbush Securities, estimates, more than 68 percent of the Apple iPhones used there are at least two years old. Around a third of the world’s iPhones are about to upgrade, and China is an “important part of Apple’s recipe for success”. This is a promising opportunity for the new 2020 generation of iPhones – a guarantee of success for Apple?

3:50 pm

It’s still quiet on Apple’s Twitter account. The excitement among CEO Tim Cook seems to be increasing: In his timeline on the short message platform, he greeted his followers a few hours ago with a “good morning” and referred to the approaching start of the special event.

3:33 pm

The Apple stock shows up shortly after the stock market launch 3.00 percent and costs 115.36 US dollars.

3:05 pm

Apple fans are already exchanging ideas on Twitter using the #AppleEvent hashtag initiated by the Silicon Valley group. There are now just under four hours until the start of the broadcast of the special event from Apple Park.

2:50 pm

Apple shares continue to rise in price in preliminary trading on the NASDAQ: the last time the price rose at $ 118.10 per paper, it was 2.38 percent. Should the “Time Flies” event convince investors and allow them to buy more Apple shares, then the share should continue its recent soaring. In general, tech stocks have been in bull mode for the past few months. Stock exchange expert Jim Cramer recently revealed the reasons why stock exchange favorites were so heavily on investors’ buy lists. At Apple and Tesla, one of the reasons was the stock splits – but that wasn’t all.

2:30 p.m.

Little by little, the iGroup launched its new services in the past year, including Apple Arcade and Apple TV +, to tap new customer groups and expand the Apple ecosystem. So far, users have specifically chosen the offer that they wanted to use. But recently there were indications of a new super subscription for Apple offers, which also reported. In the iOS 14 code, the page 9to5mac discovered snippets of code that indicate a subscription in several stages. Will a bundle of these services be presented tonight with the speculated Apple One?

2:10 p.m.

It was only last year that the i group entered the new era of the i service sector with the event “Its Showtime”. What’s next on this point? Speaking to TheStreet, an Apple-focused financial researcher said, “I would be pleasantly surprised to hear news about Apple One, the company’s speculative suite of services.”

1:50 pm

The expectations of the iPhone 12 generation are very high in advance. Apple expert Jon Prosser raised the excitement about the future new releases: In a video a glimpse of a prototype of the iPhone 12 Pro Max should be caught.

With the high-end iPhone, three innovations are to come. LiDar sensors known from the iPad Pro 2020 can also be recognized in the prototype. These enable more precise depth detection, which is crucial for photo, AR and video applications. The screen is also being redesigned: a frequency of 120 Hertz should make applications run smoother and faster to use. Fans of video recordings will also get their money’s worth: improvements can be expected here too.

1:20 pm

The focus back on the keynote, which was otherwise dominated by the new iPhones: But whether Apple will allow its fans a look at the new iPhones is controversial. This case is mostly denied. In terms of time, the revelation of the new models should happen at a different point in time. Sometimes delivery bottlenecks are to blame, and Corona is also likely to affect deadlines.

12:55 pm

Apple has been a seldom part of the headlines in the past few weeks. The group, raised by Steve Jobs, Ron Wayne and Steve Wozniak, moved Wall Street with another major theme: As part of the sharp rise in the share price, Apple surprisingly announced a share split to make the shares more attractive. This was completed on August 31, parallel to that of the Tesla share. On the NASDAQ, investors reacted benevolently to this step and gave Apple shares further tailwind.

12:35 p.m.

Another legal dispute joins this year’s timeline for the iKonzern: the logo of a startup pissed off the mega-cap. Apple sued Prepear because the pear logo is too similar to its own apple design, which is patented. The startup, which specializes in recipes for healthy eating, is resisting the move by the significantly larger group.

12:10 p.m.

Without exception, things are not going rosy at Apple either. The most prominent example is currently probably the dispute with Epic. The gaming group went against the grain that virtual articles in the game can only be offered via in-app purchases of the Apple system, with 30 percent of the purchase price going to Apple. Only a few days ago this dispute started a new round: The Silicon Valley company accused “Fortnite” providers of having broken a contract by introducing a new app payment system within the game. There is a reason why Apple does not want to give in on this feud: the company sees the business model of its app store in danger.

11:48 a.m.

Apple shares, listed on NASDAQ, were 1.89 percent higher in early trading on Tuesday at $ 117.54. This is how it escapes the downward trend of the last few days of trading.

11:30 a.m.

What other disclosures can we expect? Rumors suggest that the tech giant is surprising with a new iPad. The currently most recent models came on the market in March. Now a new iPad version should delight fans at the approaching keynote: the iPad Air could appear in a new light. In the run-up, rumors circulated that a larger display and more power would upgrade the ultra-light model. This device may also be used to convert the Lightning connector to USB-C.

11:10 a.m.

As usual, there was already a great deal of speculation about possible new Apple products in the run-up to the special event. TheStreet, for example, wrote with reference to this year’s motto of the keynote that the Apple Watch 6 Series is to be expected in any case. Finally, “Time Flies” refers to the core function of the Apple Watch as a modern, digital wristwatch. Both a low-end and a high-end version could be presented here. The two new versions of the wearable bestseller should come on the market in sizes 40 and 42 millimeters, mutmat t3n. The appearance of smart watches shouldn’t change much.

10:45 a.m.

Apple has had a turbulent year so far. In the Corona Crash Quarter, the iPhone group went down just as steeply as the rest of the stock market. But in the long term this did not cause any damage to the stock on the stock exchange: the recovery after the price slump ignited the starting fire for a seemingly incessant rise in Apple shares. That brought the company at times a market value of two trillion US dollars at the end of August – a milestone in Apple’s history and in the history of Wall Street. Most recently, its market capitalization was $ 1.92 trillion (as of September 14).

10:25 am

This year everything is different: Like many other events in the current Corona-influenced environment, the Apple event will take place completely online – the broadcast will be from the Apple Park. In recent years, numerous visitors and guests have flocked to the Steve Jobs Theater to follow the revelations live on site.

10:00 a.m

The call for the keynote can be seen on the official Twitter page of the Cupertino group giant – Apple itself chose the hashtag #AppleEvent, under which numerous contributions from other users can already be found. In this country, the long-awaited appointment starts at 7 p.m.

The tweet published on September 9th is currently the only post, otherwise Apple’s official Twitter feed is empty.

Apple Event: The keynote on September 15th

As usual, the editors will accompany the presentation of the latest Apple products this evening from 6:30 p.m. Speculations circulating in advance indicate that fans and investors will be presented with some new products.

Whether a new iPhone generation will be presented remains questionable. Although the keynote in September has always been the opening hour for the latest smartphones, rumors suggest that new iPhones will only be available later. In the live ticker you can follow all the brand new details that will be revealed in the Apple Park tonight. editorial team

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Image Sources: Brendan Howard /, NoDerog / iStock

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