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New from OSKAR: Capital-building services – Now with ETFs | message


Because now there is new OSKAR VL account. The OSKAR VL account can be opened in a few minutes – your employer will save up to 40 euros per month for you.

If you are VL-eligible, which applies to most employees (it is best to ask your HR department), you should definitely not miss it, because after a few years the money given by the employer can turn into a few thousand euros.

Do you already have another VL contract, but it hardly brings any return? No problem: From now on you can still use OSKAR-VL and simply leave your old contract dormant (more on this in the FAQs).

What is special about OSKAR VL?

OSKAR VL offers you purely share-based ETF asset management with no basic fees (only the normal OSKAR costs apply). This gives you the opportunity to invest your capital-forming benefits cheaply and with a focus on returns on the capital market.

How do I open an OSKAR-VL account?

If you are not yet an OSKAR customer, simply click on “Become a customer” on the website and then select an “capital-forming account”. If you already have an OSKAR account, simply log into your OSKAR account, click on the “+” symbol and then select “Open capital-building benefits”. Note: This currently only works via the website and not yet via the OSKAR apps. You will then see the VL account as an additional account in your OSKAR account.

Open an OSKAR VL account now

All information about OSKAR-VL

Would you like to know more about OSKAR VL and capital formation benefits? Here are the FAQs:

What are the special features of OSKAR VL?

I already have a VL contract, but would rather use OSKAR-VL. What can I do?

What are capital formation benefits?

Who can use capital formation benefits?

How can I start with VL?

I already have one or more OSKAR accounts. Can I also use OSKAR VL?

What is the difference between OSKAR and OSKAR VL?

In which ETFs does OSKAR VL invest?

The investment is associated with risks. The value of the capital investment can rise or fall. The capital invested can be lost. Past performance, simulations or forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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