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New from May 2020: Innovations and laws: This will change from May | message


DHL parcels are cheaper again
Berlin gets a new holiday
The new Windows 10 update will be available in May

DHL prices will be reduced again

From May 1, 2020, the original, lower DHL package prices will apply again. These had been raised by Deutsche Post at the beginning of the year, but the Federal Network Agency then initiated an official procedure against the logistics giant. In order to avoid a legal dispute, Deutsche Post is now lowering DHL prices again in May. A package then costs the same as last on December 31, 2019.

New minimum age for the moped license

From May onwards, countries can individually decide on the minimum age for a moped license in the AM class. Some German federal states have accordingly decided on a new minimum age for a moped driver’s license: in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thringen, the driver’s license of the AM license can be obtained from May 1st, 2020 at the age of 15. Previously, the minimum age for this was 16 years nationwide.

Berlin gets a unique holiday

The German capital will have an additional holiday this year. On Friday, May 8th, there is no need to work in Berlin on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the surrender of the Wehrmacht. This day is also celebrated as the end of National Socialism. The public holiday will only take place once, from the next year on May 8th will be a regular working day again.

Long-awaited Windows 10 update is available

The long-awaited Windows 10 update of the 2004 version from Microsoft should be ready for public distribution in May. So far, selected Windows_Insiders of the Release Preview Ring are still testing the update. With the update, the final version of which is build 19041.207, several innovations and improvements are to come. According to media reports, the spelling correction and the search function, among other things, have been optimized.

Weapons Protection Act is changing – more checks in the future

The Weapons Protection Act will be tightened from May 1st, 2020. The background to this is the attacks on Paris in 2015. The new law should make it harder for extremists to get arms in the future. In addition, authorities that want to issue a gun license must conduct an inquiry with the Office for the Protection of the Constitution from May in advance. Authorities can now also more easily arrange a no-weapons zone in public space. All holders of a weapon permit are also checked every five years.

The new packaging law

Environmentalists and climate activists will be delighted: on May 15, 2020, according to the new Packaging Protection Act 2019, all companies that are obliged to submit a declaration of completeness for all packaging placed on the market for the first time. The law is intended to contribute to environmental protection.

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