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Government advisers fear housing cost overload | message


BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Because of the corona pandemic, many citizens could have problems paying rent, electricity and heating costs. Federal government advisers assume that the measures adopted to protect tenants will not suffice. In a recent study, the Expert Council for Consumer Affairs explained that their financial situation must be kept in view “far beyond the end of the current crisis”.

The Bundestag recently decided that tenants who cannot pay their rent due to the corona pandemic must not be terminated by the end of June. Interest on real estate loans can also be deferred during this time. State Secretary for Consumer Affairs Margaretha Sudhof announced: “We will also closely monitor the further effects of the housing crisis.”

Short-time work and unemployment mean that many people currently have less income. According to the Council of Experts, tenants without reserves can on average no longer fully cover their housing costs from a monthly loss of 100 euros. For owners, the overload starts from a loss of 450 euros a month. Even tenants with financial reserves are overloaded if they earn 400 euros less. It is not yet clear how many households this will affect in the Corona crisis.

“The fact that Germany got a good grip on the pandemic from a medical perspective does not mean that the crisis has been overcome,” emphasized study author Gert Wagner. Not only the economy has problems that have to be fought with billions of dollars – money also has to be taken into hand for the citizens.

A household’s exposure to housing costs is determined by comparing rent, mortgage interest, heating and other ancillary costs in relation to net income. From a value of 40 percent, a household is considered financially overloaded. / Tam / DP / jha

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