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FDP criticizes Merkel for ruling on opening discussion | message


BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) about “opening discussion organs” in some federal states in the Corona crisis is criticized by the FDP. “The Chancellor is also not above the law. Angela Merkel has regulatory powers in the corona crisis that she does not have,” said party vice-president Wolfgang Kubicki to the German press agency in Berlin on Monday. The countries are responsible according to the Infection Protection Act.

“It is legally clear: it is not the opening that has to be justified, but the maintenance of the closure,” said Kubicki. “Nationwide uniformity is not a criterion permitted by infection law.” The countries themselves should carefully consider whether massive impairments of fundamental rights are still justified. In Bavaria with a four times higher risk of infection, this must be treated differently than in Schleswig-Holstein. “It would be nice if the Chancellor took note of the latest decisions by the Federal Constitutional Court.”

The first parliamentary manager of the FDP parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Marco Buschmann, told the dpa: “The Chancellor is wrong.” If the infection risks decrease, it is constitutionally necessary to also consider opening perspectives. “If state governments fulfill this task, then they do their duty. For that, they don’t deserve ruffles from Berlin.” / Sk / DP / jha

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