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Euro am Sonntag mailbox: Private health insurance: What tariffs does the private health insurance offer for those paying? | message


by Sabine Hildebrandt-Woeckel, Euro am Sonntag

I have significantly reduced income and therefore wanted to switch to the standard rate of my private health insurance. According to my provider, however, this is not possible. What can I do?

€ URO ON SUNDAY: The standard tariff has existed since
1994 for long-term private insured persons who need a cheaper tariff for financial reasons. The services correspond to those of the statutory health insurers and cost an average of around 300 euros a month. In 2009, however, a new social tariff was introduced with the basic tariff and at the same time the standard tariff was closed for new members. If you have taken out your insurance afterwards, only the basic tariff remains.

The problem with this: Since 2009, private health insurers have also had to offer each entitled person a tariff. This too is
the basic tariff designed what leads to that
collect many here who have previous illnesses. This drives the contribution up to 700 or 800 euros per month. Stefan Reker, spokesman for the Association of Private Health Insurance: “This is really helpful if you have payment problems
Basic tariff only if you are actually entitled to social assistance. “Because then the
waive one half of the contribution and the other
taken over by the social welfare office.

Those who can no longer pay remain
still the option of being in the emergency tariff too
switch. Here the cost drops to around 100
Euros per month. However, the insured then have
only entitlement to emergency care in the event of acute illnesses and pain. The emergency tariff also has an advantage: Once the debts have been paid, you can immediately switch back to the old tariff. On the other hand, those who are in the basic tariff can usually only do so after a new health check. It won’t just be often
more expensive, sometimes it is no longer possible.


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