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dpa-AFX overview: COMPANIES from April 9th, 2021 – 3:15 p.m. | message


Boeing warns of a new problem with the 737 Max crisis jet

Seattle (AP) – The US aviation giant Boeing has advised airlines of a production problem with certain versions of the 737 Max crisis model. The Airbus (Airbus SE (ex EADS)) rival recommended 16 customers, according to their own statements, on Friday to suspend the operation of the machines until possible deficiencies in the power supply system can be ruled out. Boeing works closely with the US aviation regulator FAA. Shares fell slightly in early US trading.

ROUNDUP: Google withdraws appeal against judgment on federal health portal

BERLIN – The US group Google (Alphabet C (ex Google)) is withdrawing from the legal dispute over cooperation with the federal government on an online health portal. Google company spokesman Kay Oberbeck announced on Friday at the request of the German Press Agency: “We can confirm that we have withdrawn the appeal.”

ROUNDUP 2: Debate after Tesla’s criticism of licensing practices for German works

BERLIN – After Tesla’s criticism of the approval process for its electric car plant near Berlin, a debate about investments in Germany is picking up speed. On Friday, the Federation of German Industry also called for more speed in approval processes. “Complex and lengthy procedures with multiple complaints and long expert battles have already become the rule for manageable projects,” criticized the deputy chief executive officer Holger Lsch. “This massively inhibits investment activity in this country and scares off investors.”

ROUNDUP: Semiconductor supplier Sss Microtec wants to grow further – shares in demand

GARCHING – The semiconductor technology supplier Sss Microtec (SSS MicroTec SE) looks confidently to 2021 and wants to further increase sales and operating profit. Accordingly, the proceeds in the current year should reach 270 to 290 million euros, as the company, which is listed in the SDAX index, announced on Friday in Garching. In addition, 9 to 11 percent of sales should remain with the company as earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) – after 8.1 percent last year. The management’s new goals were in line with market expectations.

Bain study: more takeovers expected in the automotive industry

MNCHEN – The management consultancy Bain is expecting a new wave of takeovers and mergers in the auto industry. Car manufacturers and suppliers were buying more and more companies from other industries in order to cope with the upheaval towards e-mobility, digitization and autonomous driving. The volume of strategic takeovers in the automotive industry has doubled within five years from 2015 to 75 billion dollars (currently 63.1 billion euros), according to a study by the consultants published on Friday.

ROUNDUP: Tui wants to get even more fresh money – the share sags

HANNOVER – The travel group TUI wants to get even more money from investors after being rescued by the state in the Corona crisis. The company wants to place a convertible bond in the amount of around 350 million euros with investors, Tui announced on Friday in Hanover. Possibly the volume will be increased to 400 million. The news was badly received on the stock exchange: shortly after the start of trading, the price of the Tui share fell by around six percent to 4.30 euros.


Additional Reports

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-Apo-Bank: Doctors’ offices and pharmacies come through the crisis with a black eye

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-Airbus delivers significantly more commercial aircraft – Fewer cancellations

– StockX sneaker exchange now worth nearly four billion dollars

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