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DIHK reacts cautiously to Altmaier’s climate initiative | message


BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry reacted cautiously to the push by Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) on climate protection. DIHK President Eric Schweitzer made it clear that he sees politics as an obligation when it comes to important issues.

Schweitzer told the German Press Agency: “It is correct that climate protection and the competitiveness of companies must go hand in hand. Climate protection has long been a high priority in the economy, so the IHK organization will continue to contribute to the discussion with proposals . “

With European emissions trading, climate protection programs and, in particular, national CO2 pricing, the guard rails have already been set for the path towards climate neutrality. “This can best be achieved through the market.”

The DIHK President said: “We know from the feedback from companies that more ambitious climate targets are only possible with fundamentally different forms of production and mobility. That is why they need sufficient access to electricity from CO2-free sources, as well as hydrogen Substitute for oil or gas. The faster we want to make progress on climate protection, the quicker these alternatives have to be available at competitive prices. Companies have so far lacked concrete political answers to this. “

State regulations prevented investments in climate protection in many places, especially among medium-sized companies. “With better framework conditions for self-generated green electricity, the ambitious expansion targets could be achieved more quickly.” The planned amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act will not do justice to this, according to Schweitzer. “These obstacles should therefore be removed quickly. That brings significantly more than the attempt to achieve important climate targets through detailed government control and rigid annual targets for emissions.”

Altmaier had advertised on Friday for a “historic compromise” between climate and economy: Politicians must give priority to climate protection and at the same time protect companies from disadvantages in competition. A charter with greenhouse gas budgets and a fixed financial budget are among the 20 proposals. Altmaier also wants to reform the trade in pollution rights at EU and national level./hoe/DP/zb

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