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Decision-making methods: The agony of choice: How to choose between several job offers | message


The classic pro-con list with the decision cross

Those who like it classic can fall back on the pro-con list. In this you write all the positive aspects on one side of the paper, while the negative facts are contrasted on the other side. This list can be expanded by two additional quadrants, in which missing information is entered and in the last quadrant it is shown how the required information can be obtained. In the end, you have four quadrants on your paper and thus a decision cross.

The coin toss

Anyone who has already done various analyzes and has still not achieved a satisfactory result can bet on the coin toss. The coin toss appeals to the gut feeling and the intention, because depending on which side the coin falls on, a feeling of joy or disappointment will subconsciously set in fairly quickly. This trick can be used to determine the intuitive tendency towards job A or job B.

The 10-10-10 model

Another aid to decision-making is the 10-10-10 model developed by Suzy Welch, which addresses long-term decision-making criteria. With this model you ask yourself exactly three questions: What impact will my decision have in 10 days? What impact will it have in 10 months? What impact will it have in 10 years? With the help of these questions you can find out for yourself what the future looks like for you depending on the job and whether you like the scenario or not.

The prioritization

When choosing between two jobs, of course, several factors play a role in the decision. Nevertheless, some aspects are more important than others and this is entirely individual. Is the salary or flexible working hours, a secure job or the corporate culture and atmosphere in the team the most important? And how far can the commute be? What further education and training opportunities are there? It is important to prioritize the various criteria according to your own preferences and to compare the job offers accordingly.

Decision Analytics – Simple and Weighted

Hand in hand with prioritization go hand in hand with two different types of decision analysis. In the simple decision analysis, you specify all the factors, as in the prioritization, that you consider to be part of the decision-making process. Now the different jobs are compared and, depending on the degree of fulfillment of the criteria, points from one to five are assigned to the corresponding job, five being the best. At the end all points from job A are added up and compared with those from job B, the higher result wins the race.

In the weighted analysis, not only are the jobs assigned a value between one and five, depending on the degree of fulfillment of a criterion, but also the criteria themselves. Then the jobs are assigned ratings, as in the simple decision analysis. For the evaluation, the evaluation points of the individual criteria are multiplied by the evaluations of jobs A and B; here, too, the higher value wins. editorial team

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