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, COVID-19: Startup founder creates vaccination portal | message, Forex-News, Forex-News
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COVID-19: Startup founder creates vaccination portal | message

, COVID-19: Startup founder creates vaccination portal | message, Forex-News, Forex-News


, COVID-19: Startup founder creates vaccination portal | message, Forex-News, Forex-News
In the meantime, every person of legal age in Germany can be put on a waiting list for a vaccination against COVID-19. Nevertheless, opened vaccination doses remain in many practices in the evening and expire. It happens that practices with vaccine doses that are about to expire, often still working through the telephone lists of their patients after a long day at work, trying to find people willing to be vaccinated. Finally, the vaccine against the virus is valuable. Coffee Circle founder Martin Elwert and his colleagues have now set up a voluntary non-profit organization that is supposed to help with the distribution of remaining vaccine doses.

Data protection: If you want to be put on the waiting list, you don’t even have to give your name

The organization is called Those wishing to be vaccinated – regardless of the prioritization group – can be placed on a waiting list in just a few simple steps on the website of the same name. All you have to do is enter your email address and postcode and then click on a confirmation link received by email. More data is not included in the system. If doctor’s offices have vacant vaccination appointments within a five-kilometer radius, all persons who are entered in the system with the corresponding zip code will be sent a message by e-mail. The message lists the vaccination dates and the vaccine to be vaccinated. If you reserve the appointment first, you will surely get it ascribed: According to the website, the principle applies here: “First come, first served”. This principle is legal with regard to vaccine doses that are about to expire, the organization explains on its website.

If you have entered the system but only want to be vaccinated with a certain vaccine, you can simply ignore other appointments and wait until there is a corresponding appointment on offer. Those who wish to be vaccinated then no longer have to worry about a second appointment: once they have been vaccinated, a second appointment is made directly with the practice. “With we want to help to provide quick access to COVID-19 vaccines […] and to avoid that the vaccine expires “, so the organization on its website. It should also help the practices in this way to reduce the number of calls.

Coffee-Circle founder Martin Elwert started with colleagues

Gründerszene interviewed one of the three founders of the organization – Martin Elwert. In 2010 he founded the startup Coffee-Circle, which roasts coffee itself and sells it online. As part of the interview, the portal now reports that the first idea for came from co-founder Johannes Gerster. Oliver Mayer is also part of the founding team; his colleagues include other entrepreneurs such as Wiebke Nadzeika and Sophie Cramer, who advertise the project on social media. Nadzeika has been selling hoodies with the inscription: “First vaccinate then techno” for a few weeks. This slogan is now also used by, and the organization is financed through the income from Nadzeika’s sales. However, there is also a donation option on the website – so far, according to Elwert, according to the start-up scene, was also able to make ends meet with self-financing.

According to its own information on the website, was still in the development phase until the end of May and promises further functions as of mid-May: There should be a feature with which you can individually set your radius, so that people who are sparsely populated Areas live, also have the chance of a vaccination appointment. As of mid-May, the initiators of the organization cannot yet estimate how long one would have to wait for a vaccination appointment – but it is clear that the waiting time depends on the one hand on the amount of vaccine available and on the other hand on how quickly you can get one by E -Mail secures the vaccination appointment offered.

Big rush: 700,000 registrations after just one week is supported by Update Germany and the Public Health Innovation Association. According to Gründerszene, 200,000 people registered with within the first two days – after a week it was already 700,000. Elwert is obviously happy about the large number of visitors. However, according to the start-up scene, he also hopes that everyone will soon be vaccinated and that is just a side project. He is quoted as follows: “Ideally, the subject will be through in a few months”. In order to expand the system further and, in particular, to register more practices, is currently in talks with several statutory health insurance associations.

In the past few weeks, according to the Gründerszene, other, similar platforms have been launched in addition to However, these do not work directly with the practices, but are only linked to the vaccination centers’ schedules, which are publicly accessible anyway.

Olga Rogler / editors

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, COVID-19: Startup founder creates vaccination portal | message, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, COVID-19: Startup founder creates vaccination portal | message, Forex-News, Forex-News
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