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Buy IOTA – there are these possibilities, tips for IOTA trading


Buy real IOTA

The crypto currency IOTA was developed and launched on the market in 2014 by the three founders Dominik Schiener, Serguei Popov and David Sønstebø. The special feature: According to its developers, IOTA should represent “the backbone of an autonomous economy of machines”. In a machine economy, IOTA should serve as a means of payment.

So if machines in an industrial production chain are connected and work with one another, then – so the idea – the machines reward each other with IOTA. IOTA is therefore also referred to as a machine-to-machine or M2M cryptocurrency. Anyone who is convinced that such a currency will be needed in the future should invest. However, investors should note that an investment in IOTA is very speculative.

In addition to an IOTA CFD, investors can also buy real “coins”. As an investor, you also participate in the performance, but you also own IOTA in physical form. In order to buy real cryptos, the possession of a wallet is a basic requirement. This electronic wallet can be compared to a checking account in your pocket. With a wallet, transfers can be made and IOTA can be received.

Crypto marketplace for IOTA

If you want to buy the crypto currency IOTA, you can do this in several ways: On the one hand, you can do it online on a so-called crypto marketplace. On crypto marketplaces, users trade directly with each other, the price is determined by supply and demand. Depending on the marketplace, the operators charge a fee for exchange, deposit and withdrawal. However, this fee is usually less than the price difference between buying and selling at exchange offices. Buyer and seller each bear half the fees for the “crypto business”.

The most famous crypto marketplace in Germany is called Crypto trading via is best possible with an account at the Fidor Bank. You should therefore take into account the time required to open a normal account, including the video identification process. You can open the account at here.

Important: The crypto marketplace so far only offers the purchase of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, the purchase of IOTA is currently not possible. Exchanges such as Bitfinex are therefore ideal for buying IOTA.

Buy IOTA through crypto exchanges

Exchanges for digital currencies open up another possibility to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Among the most famous trading exchanges are CEX.IO, Kraken, Bitstamp and Paymium. Buying IOTA on crypto exchanges has only been possible since 2017. The reason: The new technology (IOTA is not based on a blockchain, but on the data structure “Directed Acyclic Graph-DAG”) and the associated development effort.

If you have decided to buy IOTA via an exchange, all you have to do is choose an IOTA exchange, for example Bitfinex. Bitfinex has been around since 2013, is the world’s largest exchange for cryptocurrencies and therefore also the largest online exchange for IOTA. An alternative is Binance, a crypto exchange headquartered in Shanghai. Although IOTA can currently only be bought from Bitfinex and Binance, IOTA has risen to become one of the five most important cryptocurrencies within a very short time – measured by market capitalization.

To buy IOTA, you must first have Bitcoin or Ethereum. You then have to transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum to Binance, for example, and there you can buy IOTA with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Important: The rates for the individual Internet currencies can sometimes differ greatly on the various trading platforms. Depending on the exchange, the account opening or verification can take several days. Since the IOTA price is very volatile, you should note that the value of IOTA can rise or fall sharply during this time.

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