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, Brse Stuttgart-News: Euwax Trends | message, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Brse Stuttgart-News: Euwax Trends | message

, Brse Stuttgart-News: Euwax Trends | message, Forex-News, Forex-News


, Brse Stuttgart-News: Euwax Trends | message, Forex-News, Forex-News

STUTTGART (BOERSE STUTTGART GMBH) – Euwax Trends on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange

Investor trends

Nike sprints to a new all-time high

The German benchmark index initially had to accept losses on the last trading day of the week and lost around 0.1%. Clearly against the trend, the stocks of adidas hold their own in the DAX. The share is trading more than 5.5% stronger at the top: it can benefit from strong quarterly figures from US competitor Nike.

The most traded stocks among investors in Stuttgart

1. Siemens Energy (WKN ENER6Y)

Top sales on the Stuttgart trading floor on the last trading day of the week are the shares of Siemens Energy. At lunchtime, the share drops around 2.2% and is quoted at around 25 euros at the end of the DAX.

2. Nike (WKN 866993)

Good news for Nike shareholders: The Oregon group presented strong figures after close of trading in the USA yesterday and was able to significantly exceed analyst expectations. The Group’s online business in particular is growing rapidly. Nike papers are also in demand in Stuttgart and marked a new all-time high in early trading at around 126 euros.

3. Daimler (WKN 710000)

In the case of Daimler shares, investors seem to be taking profits before the weekend. The shares are trading around 1.5% lower and are thus also among the losers in the leading German index.

Stuttgart Stock Exchange on YouTube

The regulatory pressure from China is sending Bitcoin & Co prices down again. What is behind it and what news there is on the subject of taxation reveals Richy in the new stock market show. In addition, Conny and he discuss how (un) calm the stock market summer could be and what role the Fed & ECB play in it.

Watch the video under the following link:

Euwax Sentiment Index

After a weak start in trading, the Euwax sentiment was able to stay very clearly in positive territory for the majority of the time. It only fell below the zero line again around noon.

Trends in retail

1. Call warrant on Volkswagen (WKN MA47EG)

A call warrant on Volkswagen is almost exclusively bought by investors. Volkswagen and other investors yesterday announced a takeover offer for Europcar for EUR 0.44 per share, which Europcar rejected. The car rental company is valued at 2.2 billion euros. The Volkswagen share is down 0.9% to EUR 216.85.

2. Factor Long Certificate on Tesla (WKN MA1CXB)

A Faktor-3X-Long certificate on Tesla is mostly bought by investors. The Japanese battery cell manufacturer Panasonic had fully sold its shares in Tesla for around three billion euros by the end of March, reported the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei. The Tesla share increases 0.9% to 577 euros.

3. Knock-out call on Clean Future Index 2 (WKN MA2760)

The knock-out call on the Clean Future Index 2, which has long been popular with derivatives investors in Stuttgart, has mainly been bought in the course of trading so far. The Clean Future Index 2 is 0.8%, slightly positive at 112 points.


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, Brse Stuttgart-News: Euwax Trends | message, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Brse Stuttgart-News: Euwax Trends | message, Forex-News, Forex-News

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