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Analysts bullish: After the keynote and the weak month of September: What are the further prospects for Apple shares? | message


• The September keynote brought few surprises
• Jefferies is optimistic about 5G potential
• Needham impresses with Apple’s bundled offer

The successful company Apple recently held its much-anticipated September keynote. Traditionally, the iGroup presents its latest products and innovations twice a year. After it was unclear for a long time due to the current Corona situation whether there would be such an event at all this autumn, it finally took place on September 15 without spectators. However, Apple fans awaiting the launch of new iPhones have been disappointed. In terms of hardware, only the Apple Watch 6, a cheaper Apple Watch SE and a new iPad and iPad Air were presented at the keynote.

The tech company presented a new digital fitness service called Fitness + as well as the option for Apple users to take advantage of a bundled range of different services called Apple One.

Apple shares in September

Apple investors, however, largely received the various innovations with little enthusiasm. On the day of the keynote, the iGroup’s share went relatively unmoved with a small plus of 0.16 percent at 115.54 US dollars. September has been a modest one for the share certificate anyway. As of September 21, since the end of August there has been a discount of 16.84 percent in the monthly chart of Apple shares.

Jefferies remains bullish on Apple

Nevertheless, various market analysts paint a very positive picture for the Apple paper. The shares recently received a tailwind from a price target increase by the analyst firm Jefferies. Strategist Kyle McNealy was particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities that a 5G upgrade would offer the iCompany. There is still a lot of potential here in the USA, Europe and China, as the analyst describes in a customer report available to MarketWatch. In his opinion, the upgrade rate to 5G will be around 5 percent per quarter. However, McNealy can also imagine that various telecommunications operators will advance the development faster in order to be able to win as many 5G customers as possible in competition with the competition.

In addition, the market expert is optimistic about the potential that China would offer the iGroup with regard to future iPhone sales. Jefferies carried out a survey in the People’s Republic, which showed that 75 percent of the participants were one iPhone 6, 7 or 8 would use. As a result, he raised his target price from $ 116.25 to $ 135 and confirmed his “buy” rating on the stock.

Needham also raises its thumb for the iCompany

Needham analyst Laura Martin also joins the ranks of Apple enthusiasts. It was particularly enthusiastic about the new bundled Apple One offering and accordingly adjusted its target price upwards from USD 112.50 to USD 140. In their opinion, this would give the tech company the opportunity to steal a part of the market from its competitors. In addition, the chips tailored to customer needs would also represent an advantage over competitors, as the expert describes in an analysis. Here Apple could set itself apart from the competition with every new product and thus also demand higher prices.

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