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Long-awaited break from heat in store for Northeast


After the latest stretch of heat and uncomfortably high levels of humidity, AccuWeather meteorologists say that the upcoming relief from the heat in the Northeast will last for several days. However, the same may not be able to be said about the humidity in some areas.

While the relief from the heat and humidity will be welcome to most, the sun is still intense in late July and temperatures in many areas will still be above the historical average into Thursday.

Even though it will not feel as uncomfortable with lower humidity levels, residents must still be careful not to overdo it when outdoors.

“Do not be fooled even though it will not feel as sticky outside, the warmth and sunshine along with lower humidity levels can work to dehydrate people quickly,” said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Dan Pydynowski. “Anyone with outdoor plans such as taking a jog or walking the dog will need to be sure to stay well hydrated with much of the region still seeing highs in the upper 80s to lower 90s.”

Moisture associated with a disturbance is forecast to pass through West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and at least part of southeastern Pennsylvania, central and southern New Jersey and part of southeastern New York state from Thursday night to Friday. The approach of this system will raise the humidity levels in much of the mid-Atlantic once again.

Farther north, people in much of New England will continue to experience low levels of humidity on Friday. In addition, while a shower or thunderstorm is not out of the question on Thursday, plenty of sunshine is likely to end the week on Friday. However, rain would not necessarily be bad news in the area.

, Long-awaited break from heat in store for Northeast, Forex-News, Forex-News

“Much of the interior Northeast and New England are experiencing a slight to moderate drought and, unfortunately, the next chance for rain across a lot of this region may not be until Sunday,” Pydynowski said.

The chance of rain will first arrive in the mid-Atlantic with a disturbance on Saturday before moving into New England on Sunday. This will lead to an increase in humidity in all areas. The clouds and rain will keep high temperatures near or below normal. In many locations, this will be the longest stretch of below-normal high temperatures since the middle of June. However, nighttime temperatures may run a bit above normal given the higher humidity levels.

Meanwhile, AccuWeather meteorologists are monitoring the Caribbean as a budding tropical storm swipes at Puerto Rico into Wednesday night before making a run at Florida this weekend.


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