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COVID-19: India sets daily cases record with 90,632, nears Brazil for second


Sept. 6 (UPI) — Two Asian nations — India and South Korea — are facing opposite situations in the fight to curb coronavirus.

On Sunday, India recorded a world-record 90,632 daily new cases. Conversely, South Korea’s 168 new infections is the lowest number since Aug. 15.

On Friday, India passed 4 million cases and now has 4,113,811, which is just 9,189 less than second-place Brazil and behind the 6.4 million in the United States. The U.S. record for most new cases is 78,629 and its 70,869 in Brazil

India is third place in deaths with 70,626, also behind Brazil with 126,230 and the United States with 192,864.

In all, the world’s death toll is 884,376 and cases are 27,101,359, according to

The world’s second-most populous nation with 1.38 billion has a relatively low mortality rate of 51 per million. Comparatively, the world figure is 113.5, including the United States with 582 and Brazil with 593.

India is in second place in testing, 47,831,145, behind the U.S. with 86,763,797 but its rate is 35,322 per million compared with the global average of 69,512, the United States with 261,844 and Brazil with 67,696.

Hyderabad metro rail service in the capital, New Delhi, will resume Monday under stringent guidelines after being idled nearly 5 1/2 months.

Police in the north Indian state of Punjab arrested 54 people at a pool party in a restaurant for violating coronavirus guidelines Saturday.

In South Korea, stricter social distancing rules were put into place on Aug. 30 in the greater Seoul area. They include permitting only takeout services from franchise cafes, banning eat-in services between 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. local time at all restaurants and bakeries, and closing gyms and indoor sporting locations.

On Aug. 27, the nation reported 441 cases, which was the most since 448 on March 7. In all, there are 21,177 but only 334 deaths, including one Sunday.

Japan has reported a spike in deaths and cases. On Saturday, 19 fatalities were announced, which matches the number on May 22, the highest since then. The record is 49 deaths on May 4. The total is 1,349, including 338 since Aug. 1.

Over two months cases have been spiking compared with most days when they were in double digits. On Saturday, 608 were reported following a record of 1,998 on Aug. 3. In all, the infections total 70,876.

Schools are back in session in Japan. At one school visited by CBS News, all children wore masks and were seated behind a vinyl shield.

In mainland China, the epicenter of the virus and world’s most populous nation with 1.4 billion, no deaths have been reported since April 22, with a total of 4,634. Since Aug. 1, only 786 cases have been reported, including 10 new ones Sunday, for a total of 85,122.

China has dropped to 28th in the world for most deaths.

The only Asian nation in the top 10 is Iran in 10th place at 22,293 with a gain of 139 deaths.

In Asia, a total of 884,376 deaths have been reported, including 1,200 Sunday.

The Western Hemisphere has only about 62 percent of Asia’s death toll — 211,547 in South America and 289,029 in North America — but coronavirus continues to surge there.

Three nations occupy the top four spots for most deaths: the No. 1 United States with 192,864, No. 2 Brazil with 126,230 and No. 4 Mexico with 67,326. Also, Peru has climbed past Spain into eighth with 29,687 and Colombia is 11th with 21,156.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has contracted the virus himself but minimized the severity of the disease, said Monday said residents won’t be forced to have the vaccine.

Brazil reported 646 deaths Saturday with Mexico adding 475.

In Mexico, several parts of the nation have run out of death certificates and the deputy health minister has ordered 1.1 million additional ones to be printed.

The borders between the United States, Mexico and Canada will remain closed through at least Sept. 21.

Separately, Canada has extended travel restrictions from other nations until Sept. 30.

“Canadian citizens and permanent residents returning to Canada will continue to be subject to strict quarantine measures,” Public Safety Minister Bill Blair posted on Twitter on Friday.

Canada is in a dramatically different situation than its neighbors. On Saturday, Canada reported two new deaths for a total of 9,143 and 371 cases totaling 1,495.

Like Canada, there have been few deaths lately in Europe though four nations remain in the top 10 for most fatalities.

Britain reported 12 deaths Saturday for a total of 41,549 in fifth place. Italy, which at one time was the world epicenter of the virus, announced 16 deaths and is in sixth place with 35,534.

No. 7 France reported no deaths but 8,550 cases, compared with a record 8,975. Spain didn’t report any data over the weekend but added 184 deaths, the most since 229 in May 8, and 4,503 cases after some days more than 8,000 near the end of last month.

Russia is fourth in the world in cases, passing 1 million last week, including 5,195 more Sunday, as well as 61 cases in 12th place.

In all, 209,939 have died from coronavirus in Europe.

Italy’s former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, 83, has been hospitalized with early-stage double pneumonia after testing positive for coronavirus Wednesday.

On Tuesday, bowling alleys, casinos, skating rinks and exhibition halls can reopen across the north of England. The rest of England had already reopened those sites.

A ban on different households meeting indoors is still in place in most of Greater Manchester.

In France, students are returning to school despite the surge in cases because of increased testing and lockdown easing.

“I can’t imagine a total re-confinement and the president doesn’t want to consider a general re-confinement,” Health Minister Olivier Veran said on BFM TV Saturday. “The lockdown was a lid on a cauldron that was spilling over. Today, we have other means to fight against the spread of the virus, and above all we’re able to track it.”

In Spain, another lockdown is not being considered, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Aug. 25.

New Zealand on Friday registered its first coronavirus death since May 24 with the death toll at 23.

The death of a man in his 50s was linked a cluster of infections last month in Auckland, ending 102 days of no community transmission. New Zealand reported no cases Sunday and one death each Friday and Sunday with a total of 1,772.

In Australia, five deaths were reported for a total of 753 and 71 cases among the 26,278 total.

On Friday, Australia reported a record 59 deaths.

In Melbourne, where 646 deaths had occurred, a lockdown originally set to expire on Sept. 13 has been extended for six more weeks. That includes a night-time curfew.

“I want a Christmas that is as close to normal as possible and this is the only way – these steps are the only way – that we will get to that point,” Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews said Sunday.

African nations have reported 31,131 deaths, including 226 Saturday.

South America has the most deaths at 14,779, including 101 Saturday, as well as 1,806 cases for a total of 636,884 in seventh place in the world.

Egypt is second with 5,511 deaths, including 16 more Saturday.

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