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What are the most innovative cryptocurrencies


The world is full of cryptocurrencies with different technical capabilities that compete each other every day. Trying to demonstrate which of them offers the most innovative options for its users. Therefore, among the hundreds of crypto assets that exist in the market today, at CriptoTendencia we will try to identify which are the most innovative cryptocurrencies today.

1- A cryptocurrency born to innovate: Ethereum

We cannot start our ranking of the most innovative cryptocurrencies in the world, not to mention a currency that since its birth has sought to innovate. We are referring to Ethereum, the currency created by Vitalik Buterin to offer capabilities that not even Bitcoin has.

And it is that, since he began to get involved in the crypto world, Buterin realized the potential of Blockchain technology. Which can be used for many more purposes than those for which the BTC blockchain was designed.

Specifically, Buterin saw cryptocurrencies as the mechanism for creating smart contracts and decentralized applications. Two tools with the potential to forever change the world economy. Automating several of the most complicated processes of international trade and finance. As well as giving rise to the creation of new applications that are safer and more effective.

Today Ethereum maintains this same innovative spirit. This time with the launch of a new version of the cryptocurrency, known as ETH 2.0. Which promises to end once and for all with the virtual currency scalability problem, allowing the execution of up to 100,000 operations per second. A process that has driven its price in recent days.

, What are the most innovative cryptocurrencies, Forex-News, Forex-News
Ethereum price has grown while establishing itself as the most innovative cryptocurrency today. Source: CoinDesk

2- The surprise: Cardano

Although the eyes of the crypto world were focused on Ethereum, another cryptocurrency surprised the community. Cardano, a currency created to compete with ETH for the market for smart contracts and decentralized applications, gave the surprise of rapidly increasing value while launching a new version of its Blockchain.

And it is that, the new version of Cardano, known as Shelley, was implemented on July 7. Bringing innovative features to the world of cryptocurrencies such as programmed staking. Which, added to the launch of the Daedalus V. 1.2.0-STN1 wallet, specialized in the new Cardano chain, have put the coin on the map.

, What are the most innovative cryptocurrencies, Forex-News, Forex-News
Thanks to its innovative capacity, Cardano has entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world. Source: CoinMarketCap

Thanks to this, Cardano managed to enter the top 10 of the ranking of the main cryptocurrencies in the world in CoinMarketCap. Briefly surpassing Bitcoin SV, and ranking above competitors like Tron and EOS.

3- Sun’s coin: Tron

Closing the top 3 of the most innovative cryptocurrencies in the world, is the coin of Blockchain entrepreneur Justin Sun, Tron. Which is also preparing one of its biggest updates so far, with which it hopes to counter the effect of ETH 2.0, and take the lead in the sector of smart contracts and decentralized applications: Tron 4.0.

This new version of the cryptocurrency promises to improve privacy in transactions made with Tron tokens. Protecting the identity of those involved in the operation. In addition to further improving the flexibility of your Blockchain, with the aim of executing commission-free transactions.

Despite the media effort put in by Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation to promote the new version of the cryptocurrency. At the moment, it has not received the same attention as ETH 2.0 or Shelley de Cardano. Reason why it closes our ranking as the third most innovative cryptocurrency today.

Bonus: What happens to Bitcoin?

Although it is practically impossible to question the position of Ethereum, Cardano and Tron as the most innovative cryptocurrencies in the world. It is normal that at this point many of our readers wonder what happens to Bitcoin. After all, the world’s first cryptocurrency was the one that gave the starting signal to the crypto revolution of which all other virtual currencies are a part.

But the truth is that, with the passage of time, and as the cryptocurrency community grows. The ability of your Blockchain to update itself is increasingly reduced. Making it difficult to reach the level of consensus necessary to implement the big changes that it needs.

This does not prevent the emergence of private solutions for the blockchain, which allow maintaining the innovative capabilities of the cryptocurrency community. But, compared to Tron or Ethereum, this innovation is much more limited. This being the reason why we left the Satoshi Nakamoto coin out of our ranking of the most innovative cryptocurrencies today.

, What are the most innovative cryptocurrencies, Forex-News, Forex-News

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