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US Legislators Support Blockchain Technology


According to a letter dated September 2, 2020, addressed to President Donald Trump and federal officials. Without a doubt, the legislators expressed that Blockchain technology can help slow the spread of COVID-19.

That is why some of the measures they advocated were to help identify and authenticate the people who will receive government benefits. Also, streamline supply chains and create a registry of medical professionals.

To this end, the statement was led by the four co-chairs of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus. They are, Tom emmer, Bill Foster, David Schweikert and Darren Soto.

“Blockchain technology is an important resource. That the United States must seek to ensure that we can protect the well-being of our people. And ensure economic prosperity ”.

In passing, they were joined by Caucuses Stephen Lynch, Warren Davidson, Jerry McNerney, Matt Gaetz and Ro Khanna.

«We need the support and implementation of the use of Blockchain technology. Indeed, it could greatly lessen the effects of the Coronavirus.

US lawmakers and the use of Blockchain technology

The truth is, the legislators explained how Blockchain technology can help to easily identify people when they receive benefits from the government. At the same time, protecting confidential data.

They also urged the government to consider putting in crucial supply chains. That they would map origins, inventories, and transportation routes.

“The lack of these supplies has served as a wake-up call across the country. As we continue to fight to track, divert and deliver the necessary supplies. “

Lawmakers likewise suggested that Blockchain could help create a comprehensive registry of medical professionals. Unquestionably, I would check the qualifications and their locations.

They also proposed to convene leaders from both the public and private sectors. For them to come together and develop a coordinated strategy. Without a doubt, using Blockchain technology.

Truly, this is one of the many efforts made by US lawmakers. Mainly, those who advocate the applications of Blockchain technology, for the relief of COVID-19.

11 legislators urge to use innovations

By the way, in April eleven members of Congress, asked the US Department of the Treasury to consider Blockchain technology. To simplify the distribution of cash and supplies.

The writing stated: “As the pandemic continues to impact the economy, we look forward to supporting the Administration’s efforts. Of course, for small American businesses to function. And at the same time prioritize health, safety and proper supervision”.

Therefore, they encouraged the Treasury Department to use private sector innovations like Blockchain and DLT. To support necessary government functions. Thus, distribute and track aid programs. Facilitating the delivery of the benefits of the CARES Act.

As regards, the CARES Act provides financial assistance to individuals and companies. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act was enacted on March 27, 2020. It certainly offers help for individuals and businesses affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Blockchain Law project

On the other hand, on April 23, Stephen Lynch presented a project called “Law for the Improvement and Transparency of National Strategic Reserves (SNS)” or H.R. 6607.

This project will use private Blockchain technology to monitor the availability of supplies in the SNS and in each state. Ensuring both have adequate inventories.

Without a doubt, Stephen Lynch expressed: By adopting a private Blockchain system. We can check the status of our biodefense capacity in real time. What will allow us to be better prepared«.

By way of closing, the letter of September 2 indicated:

“We recommend the president. Review new innovations and implementation methods for government services. Therefore, Blockchain is an important asset in that search ”.

Finally, I leave you this phrase from Eduardo Galeano: «The world upside down teaches us to endure reality instead of changing it. To forget the past instead of listening to it and to accept the future instead of imagining it«.

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