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US Congressmen Receive Bitcoin, Why?


Yes, today the 541 United States Congressmen are receiving Bitcoin (BTC) as part of an educational initiative that excites the entire crypto market.

Learning from closeness

Today the Digital Chamber of Commerce PAC reported through Twitter officially launched the ‘Crypto for Congress’ campaign, which, as the Tweet explains, is an educational initiative to provide all members of Congress with a learning experience in practice.

“One of the biggest challenges we’ve always had is that people don’t really understand what the hell we’re talking about,” Perianne Boring, founder of the group, told CoinDesk.

We all know that getting started in the crypto world can be quite scary. However, what better way than this? In this sense, the objective of the initiative is to put Bitcoin in the hands of the main American legislators.

“Learning by doing is the most effective way to understand something new, especially when it comes to technology”, explains the official page of the campaign.

For those unfamiliar, the Chamber of Digital Commerce is an advocacy group for Blockchain technology and encompasses industry leaders such as Deloitte, Binance.US, and even JPMorgan.

And, on the other hand, PAC, or the political action committee, is a separate entity from the House that donates money to political campaigns.

In this sense, today is the first time that all congressmen have the opportunity to interact and take full advantage of the potential of Blockchain technology by receiving Bitcoin.

Specifically, the press release revealed that each congressman received $ 50 worth of Bitcoin.

In general, the crypto community reacted positively to the initiative; some of those who supported her on Twitter were Messari, Paxos, eToro US, among others.

DeFi boom slows but Uniswap overtakes crypto exchange Coinbase

We have seen a few months where the impossible became a reality when we saw growth in the DeFi sector that we considered far from possible.

However, the figures seem to indicate that calm has finally reached the sector. In fact, the DeFi Composite Index, released by Binance, has fallen more than 50% since its inception.

Still, Dune Analytics data shows that DeFi boosted Uniswap enough to process $ 15.371 billion in volume in September. While, during the same period, the crypto exchange Coinbase processed only $ 13.6 billion.

Crypto fees on Ethereum drop 85%

After several difficult months for the network, the transaction fees earned by Ethereum miners dropped by 85% in less than three weeks.

Recall that average fees on Ethereum had been hitting worrying highs. But, now, Glassnode data shows that the total fees obtained by miners have dropped from a high of 42.8 ETH on September 17 to 5.9 ETH yesterday.

It seems that, with the calm in the DeFis sector, crypto normality returns to Ethereum.

SEC shows interest in testing tokenized ETF

As we reported today on CryptoTrend, Jay Clayton, Chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), indicated that they are open to the possibility of testing a tokenized ETF.

In fact, Clayton said they started on the wrong foot in terms of this new crypto innovation.

In a few lines …

  • Venezuela launched its first Ethereum-based decentralized Stock Exchange, called BDVE.
  • Bloomberg noted that Bitcoin (BTC) has had a significant tendency to add zeros to its price. They project the crypto to hit $ 100,000 in 2025.
  • John McAfee received a lawsuit from the SEC for allegedly promoting initial coin offerings (ICOs) without revealing that the ICO issuers were paying him.

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