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Tyler Winklevoss wants to invest in another “YouTube”


For a long time, YouTube has been considered by a good part of the crypto world as a company hostile to cryptocurrencies. And it is that, on several occasions, the video streaming platform has censored content created by users on Blockchain technology. This would be the reason why Tyler Winklevoss wants to invest in an alternative to YouTube, as indicated in the Tweet of the day:

Tyler Winklevoss looking for an alternative to YouTube

Few companies have managed to win the hostility of the crypto world as YouTube, Google’s video platform, has done. And it is that, every few months, a scandal arises that involves from censorship of content related to cryptocurrencies, to judicial confrontations between companies like Ripple and YouTube.

Despite the fact that on many occasions, YouTube has denied that it has any bias towards cryptocurrencies. The truth is that his attitude has led users of the platform close to Blockchain technology to feel harassed by the company.

Since, it deletes content related to crypto assets and blocks the users who created it, but allows the impersonation of Ripple and its CEO.

For this reason, the idea of ​​creating a decentralized and Blockchain-based video platform has been circulating for some time. Which can compete with YouTube, without there being censorship groups that limit the content that may or may not be uploaded. This being precisely the type of project in which Tyler Winklevoss wishes to invest:

I am looking forward to investing in the brilliant team that comes along and convinces me to build a decentralized YouTube. The ‘Why’ in the pitch will be ‘Free Expression’. Users own and control their own content, they are not servants but their own masters, etc.

With this message, Tyler Winklevoss would be trying to encourage users of the crypto world to start developing their own video platform projects. A proposal, which if successful, could serve to end the conflict between the crypto world and YouTube in recent years.

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