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, The strangest NFTs you will ever see are these, Forex-News, Forex-News
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The strangest NFTs you will ever see are these

, The strangest NFTs you will ever see are these, Forex-News, Forex-News

, The strangest NFTs you will ever see are these, Forex-News, Forex-News

Some things within the universe of cryptocurrencies, getting bigger every day, get more confusing over time. One of them seems to be non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and here we tell you about some strange examples.

Recently, the world met a new crypto fad: unique blockchain-based assets called NFTs. These digital collectibles began selling for five, six, or even eight figures. Everyone was talking about NFTs and few people really understood them. This does not seem to have changed much today. Some of today’s NFTs are even more unique, complex, and simply weirder than previous ones, and brands are joining the trend as well.

If you know the nature of NFTs, you will know that almost anything can be considered as such if it is given the proper development. However, there are those who have gone further than you might think and now there is even a digital fragrance.

Yes, a fragrance. We are talking about “Cyber ​​Eau de Parfum”. Last month, Berlin-based Look Labs used near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to record nothing less than the microscopic molecular vibrations emanating from its new perfume, along with the associated bottle and label. They took the associated data and created an NFT artwork from it. They called it a digital reflection of a physical odor.

Perhaps the most interesting use case here is not the NFT itself, but what could be done with it in the future. As Look Labs founder Jordan Katzarov noted, “Potentially, if we have a machine that can convert those molecular reflections back, we can recreate the scent.” Or they could even have an artificial intelligence algorithm that can ‘decode’ the aroma and reproduce it in the near future.

The art of toilet paper meets the world of non-expendable tokens

NF TP, an interesting word game (in English) for an interesting project that mixes the world of toilet paper and NFTs. Charmin is ready to promote toilet paper themed NFT art. The current highest bid for one of these pieces is 1.45 ETH, roughly what it would cost to buy about 6,000 actual toilet paper rolls. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to Direct Relief, an organization that provides emergency relief by providing medical resources to communities in need.

Like Charmin, various food brands – Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Pringles, and others – have been using NFT as a way to advertise to younger demographics. NFTs seem to get along very well with marketing, and even charitable giving.

Before they were cats, now they are horses

The first NFTs to really make an impact were CryptoKitties. For those of you unfamiliar, these are cartoon kittens with unique characteristics that could be bought, sold, and raised as NFTs on a blockchain. However, now “ZED” is taking the idea one step further, but with digital racehorses.

At ZED RUN you buy, sell and breed digital racehorses, each with its own ‘bloodline’ and ‘genotype’. Instead of simply collecting, you can enter your horses in races against other collectors. And you can bet on the races, just like in real life, because the algorithm that underpins the game is “demonstrably fair.” All the latest digital horse releases have sold out and there seems to be more appetite for this type of NFT. Could this be leading the list of the strangest NFTs? Probably not. Keep reading.

The arm of a tennis player to publish what you want

A Russian tennis player is monetizing her arm, like an NFT. Oleksandra Oliynykova recently auctioned the part of her right arm between her shoulder and elbow to a buyer on the OpenSea market. As he explained on the site: “I will bring your art object or message to every tennis court I play on.” Oleksandra’s arm was “sold” for three ETH, and is now worth more than $ 12,000. The buyer can now choose a temporary or permanent image or message that should be tattooed on that part of their arm.

But this does not stop here. It’s time for you to meet Jason Festa. He tattooed a grid of 34 parcels on his back, each section of which will be auctioned on OpenSea for at least 1 ETH each. Any square sold for more than 3ETH will have a percentage donated to charity. The winners of each part will be able to choose what will be tattooed within their space.

Final comments

As you will see, in the NFT sector the word “strangers” is just a foreign concept, since whatever you want it can be one. As long as someone is willing to pay for it, of course.

This is why there is a lot of talk about whether NFTs represent a bubble. The answer is still unknown and controversial. However, the examples we showed above only demonstrate that weird NFTs will test our limits and those of the market.

, The strangest NFTs you will ever see are these, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, The strangest NFTs you will ever see are these, Forex-News, Forex-News

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