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The Blockchain revolution will start in Africa


Since the birth of Bitcoin eleven years ago, within the crypto world, the possibility of cryptocurrencies ushering in a new era in international finance has been mentioned. However, so far it seems clear that the biggest impact of crypto assets is occurring in developing countries. Therefore, today it is considered that the Blockchain revolution will begin in Africa, as Justin Sun suggests in the Tweet of the day when discussing Tron’s popularity in Nigeria:

The uses of Blockchain for Africa

In the last century, finance has become massive, reaching billions around the planet, and releasing productive forces that had been dormant until then. However, this process has not been the same everywhere.

On the contrary, there are currently more than one billion people around the world without access to banking services. Not counting all those who live in countries that, like Argentina or Venezuela, do not have a stable national currency.

And it is precisely this sector of humanity excluded from international finance, which benefits the most from the effects of the Blockchain revolution. Well, thanks to cryptocurrencies, people who have access to the Internet, but not a bank account, in countries in Africa, Asia or Latin America, can operate in the international market.

, The Blockchain revolution will start in Africa, Forex-News, Forex-News
The growth of the Tron community in Africa is a sign of the effects of the Blockchain revolution on the continent. Source: Tron Scan

For this reason, when the Binance Twitter account asked what new pair they should create with the Nigerian cryptocurrency NGN. Justin Sun responded by suggesting Tron, and noting how its virtual currency is becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria. Which makes sense considering how useful crypto assets can be in Africa.

«$ TRX please. #TRON is very popular in Nigeria recently. We have a huge #TRON community in Africa!«

This popularity of Tron in Africa, would be but a sample of the effects that the Blockchain revolution is having in developing countries. And that will likely continue to deepen as initiatives like NGN emerge and become stronger.

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