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SBI Esports will pay its players with Ripple (XRP)


SBI Esports, the e-sports company of Japanese financial services conglomerate SBI Group. He announced on September 30, that in the near future, his players will receive salaries in Ripple (XRP), instead of Fiat. Very important, if you wish.

With the purpose of reinforcing the company’s presence among electronic sports players. They also use digital currencies.

The partnership with SBI Group

Basically, sport as a video game is a term that has spread a lot in recent years. Today, young people can only earn money by being good at a video game.

This is why platforms have emerged within the Blockchain to confront players. Specifically, that they can obtain a reward in tokens. In this case, in Ripple (XRP).

As a consequence, SBI Esports, a long-time Ripple partner. Indicates that this agreement is a way to diversify their Wallets in the Blockchain industry.

This decision has also been made as part of a sponsorship agreement. Signed between SBI Group and VC Trade.

SBI Esports pays with Ripple (XRP)

Through the new association, any SBI Esports player. You can earn your salary, on Ripple’s native asset (XRP).

According to the official statement, the goal of SBI esports is:

«Create and nurture a healthy market based on the customer. In addition, to improve prices and expand liquidity.

In fact, it’s not XRP’s first foray into the gaming world. In March 2019, Ripple decided to allocate a total of $ 100 million to video game developers. Essentially, so that they could continue creating without monetary limitations.

Ripple allocates $ 100 million for video game development fund

The project Xpring Ripple and Blockchain company Forte created a financing fund. With the aim of reinforcing the massive adoption of Blockchain technology in the video game industry.

In this regard, Ethan Beard, executive of Ripple’s Xpring project, stated that: “It will be Xpring who will distribute the financing. In the form of the crypto asset XRP”.

As a curious fact, the financing would be directed mainly to video game developers. Obviously, they have more than 50,000 active daily users.

Videogames and Blockchain

It should be added that in August of last year, the ShapeShift CEO heralded an increase in the capitalization of crypto games. Noting in a tweet that gaming assets and collectibles would be crypto craze. Could it be that he was right?

And it is that, among the main applications that have been given to Blockchain technology, the one referring to its use in the field of video games stands out. As an example, there is the case of SBI Esports.

Currently and with the situation caused by the Coronavirus. SBI Esports aims to help local governments, promoting and creating digital sports events.

To conclude, do you think that SBI digital sports participants earn their salaries in XRP? Leave us your opinion in the comment box.

I say goodbye with this phrase from Steve Jobs: “Innovation distinguishes leaders from followers”.

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