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Samson Mow ensures that Bitcoin is the only way


The crypto world right now boils over in debates. Whether it’s about the effects of the Coronavirus on Bitcoin, the consequences that BTC’s Halving will have, or if there should be a panic button on exchanges. However, a debate that seems to never come to an end is one that asks whether Bitcoin is a store of value. Well, now analyst Samson Mow says that BTC is the only way to safeguard value in the Tweet of today:

Samson Mow defends Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin a store of value asset? This is a question that has plagued crypto world analysts for the past few years. With a party defending that in fact yes, the cryptocurrency is the value refuge of the future.

While others ask to stop asking BTC for something it was not designed for. And let the crypto community focus on developing it as a replacement for fiat money.

, Samson Mow ensures that Bitcoin is the only way, Forex-News, Forex-News

However, after the collapse in the price of Bitcoin due to the Coronavirus on March 12, it seemed that the debate had finally been resolved. Well, if the cryptocurrency was not able to maintain its value in the midst of a crisis like COVID-19, it was clear that it did not behave as a refuge of value.

, Samson Mow ensures that Bitcoin is the only way, Forex-News, Forex-News
Despite the fall of 12-M, Samson Mow claims that Bitcoin is the only safe haven of value. Source: CoinDesk

Which, however, has not prevented defenders of Bitcoin as an asset store of value, from continuing to find arguments to defend their position. The last one being Samson Mow, who ensures that Bitcoin is the only way to safeguard value:

It’s funny that there are people who keep saying that Bitcoin doesn’t work as a haven of value. Bitcoin is the ONLY way to reliably safeguard value in this world. It is the only asset that cannot be confiscated or tampered with. Short-term volatility should not be confused with an inability to store value

Thus, Samson Mow shows that he trusts the ability of the cryptocurrency to avoid manipulations to which fiat money can be subjected. So, it seems that reality will have the last word in the debate about Bitcoin’s status as a haven of value.

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