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Pompliano recommends caution in Bitcoin


Volatility has hit the cryptocurrency market, in what some consider to be a sign that we may soon enter a new bullish Bitcoin rally. However, not everything is positive in the crypto market. Well, as Anthony Pompliano remembers in the Tweet of the day. There are a lot of risks for any investor who buys BTC without being careful.

Anthony Pompliano cautious before Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s third Halving was one of the most anticipated events by the crypto community. Well, for analysts like Anthony Pompliano, it would mark the beginning of a new era in the price of cryptocurrency. Repeating the pattern of the previous two Halving, which pushed the price of Bitcoin to close to $ 20,000 per BTC.

Therefore, in these first weeks after Halving. It is normal for analysts to constantly ask themselves if the price changes for BTC. They are an indication that the cryptocurrency is about to enter a new bullish rally such as the one experienced in the year 2017. Or if it is only part of the volatility of this market.

, Pompliano recommends caution in Bitcoin, Forex-News, Forex-News
, Pompliano recommends caution in Bitcoin, Forex-News, Forex-News
Anthony Pompliano recommends caution in the face of volatility in the Bitcoin market. Source: CoinDesk

Be that as it may, for Anthony Pompliano the most important thing does not seem to be how far the price of Bitcoin will go. Rather, taking the appropriate measures, allowing investors in the crypto world to generate profits, without falling into exaggerated optimism. Reason why, Pompliano recommends prudence with a series of advice given through Twitter:

Important message when entering the next Bitcoin bull market:

  • BTC is very volatile
  • You can lose all your money
  • Only invest what is good to lose
  • Twitter is not an investment advisor
  • Don’t buy BTC with credit cards
  • Keep the time preference low
  • Do your own research

In this way, Anthony Pompliano recommends caution, remembering the negative factors that can threaten your investment in the crypto market. So it calls for calm in Bitcoin traders, at a time when volatility is present in the crypto asset.

, Pompliano recommends caution in Bitcoin, Forex-News, Forex-News

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