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, Polkadot ETP goes public in Sweden, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Polkadot ETP goes public in Sweden

, Polkadot ETP goes public in Sweden, Forex-News, Forex-News

, Polkadot ETP goes public in Sweden, Forex-News, Forex-News

Valour Structured Products, a subsidiary of DeFi Technologies Inc., announced the launch of its Polkadot ETP on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) in Sweden.

«For each exchange-traded product of Valor that is bought and sold on the exchange. Valour buys or sells the equivalent amount of the underlying digital assets. Which means that the products are fully supported at all times».

Specifically, the company Valour Structured Products Inc., dedicated to the creation and issuance of investment products based on cryptocurrencies, launched a new ETP, or publicly traded product. And thus, offer its clients greater exposure to the Polkadot cryptocurrency (DOT).

Polkadot debuts on the stock exchange in Sweden

In this way, the new ETP opened on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) stock exchange. Under the name The Valour Polkadot SEK ETP, with the code CH1114178770.

In fact, in the announcement, Valour Structured points out that the investment product guarantees investors to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies in a simple and safe way. Through your bank or broker.

Ultimately, with this launch, Polkadot already has two ETP products listed on the stock market. The first was launched by the firm 21Shares.

To recall, in February 21Shares launched the first ETP for Polkadot on the Swiss SIX Exchange. Under the PDOT nomination. Likewise, Valour Structured Products Inc., also has ETP for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The two largest cryptocurrencies in the industry by market capitalization.

In this regard, Diana Biggs, CEO of Valour, states that the launch of the Polkadot ETP responds to the growing demand from investors for access to more products. Following the success of the BTC and ETH publicly traded products.

«This is a particularly exciting time for the Polkadot protocol with the upcoming release of its parachains functionality. Providing greater scalability and finalizing its development».

In addition, he added: «Our launch of Valour DOT SEK is a direct response to increased demand from retail and institutional investors. PTo access more innovative Blockchain protocols through our ETPs».

Discovering the potential

To this end, Polkadot, powered by the Web3 Foundation, enables the construction of a highly scalable and interoperable Blockchain, offering support for multiple Blockchains. And that also provides a decentralized governance for the network.

In such a way that, Valour Structured Products, argues that Polkadot is a next generation Blockchain protocol. That facilitates the creation and implementation of decentralized applications (dApps), capable of adding great value to society. Without sacrificing security, scalability, and programmability.

Sure enough, Polkadot is about to launch its parachains functionality. And with it bring developers and users the true potential of Blockchain technology.

In closing, the vision with which Polkadot was born is to offer a fragmented protocol that allows the different decentralized Blockchain networks to work together.

I say goodbye with this phrase from Lori Taylor: «Our digital future is to allow better productivity and make decisions to enjoy a better quality of life».

, Polkadot ETP goes public in Sweden, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Polkadot ETP goes public in Sweden, Forex-News, Forex-News

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