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, Pedro Gutierrez: “The future of NEM will be fantastic», Forex-News, Forex-News
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Pedro Gutierrez: “The future of NEM will be fantastic»

, Pedro Gutierrez: “The future of NEM will be fantastic», Forex-News, Forex-News

, Pedro Gutierrez: “The future of NEM will be fantastic», Forex-News, Forex-News

When NEM launched XEM in March 2015, no one expected that this project so different from the classics of the crypto ecosystem would mark such a notable contrast. Therefore, it is not a surprise that in just 6 years since its launch, its prevalence and growth in the crypto world is most relevant. And the year 2021 will be no exception for the future of NEM with the launch of Symbol.

Likewise, NEM has remained on the radar of crypto ecosystem traders and analysts in recent months. This now that he announced the launch of Symbol. Therefore, in CriptoTendencia we managed to contact and schedule an exclusive interview. This with one of the high-caliber representatives of NEM Latin America and Spain: Pedro Gutierrez.

In this way, we bring you information from the direct source. Answering everything you need to know about NEM exclusively. This about its new release: Symbol, and everything that we have prepared for the future of NEM.

Who is Pedro Gutierrez among the ranks of NEM?

The Venezuelan, residing in Colombia, Pedro Gutiérrez, gave us substantial and well-founded information about NEM. In a fluid, secure and organized way, it provided a journey starting from its beginnings in the world of cryptocurrencies. To explain how he managed to win one of the highest ranking positions within the ranks of NEM in an excellent way.

Likewise, his appointment to the position of Regional Director of Latin America for the foundation, and his election as one of the NEM Council Members for the year 2019, is not something for less. Well, Pedro demonstrated a critical and professional vision of every aspect that makes up NEM and its future.

Thus, while his fluent explanation about each impact, change and objectives achieved in Latin America and the world by his team and NEM, was given, some of his words that stood out the most were those where, with certainty, he asserted that the future of NEM would be great.

Since, NEM is allowing a direct interconnection between governments, banking, industrial and financial entities. Something that very few platforms and for-profit entities in the crypto ecosystem have dared to achieve.

, Pedro Gutierrez: “The future of NEM will be fantastic», Forex-News, Forex-News
Pedro Gutierrez speaks to us exclusively about the future of NEM and the launch of Symbol.

«What slows down the massive adoption of Blockchains the most is the difficulty of governments in assuming the transactional cost»

We know very well that one of the biggest debates in the crypto ecosystem is whether governments, banks and financial entities should be part of all this great crypto gear. The original opinion is that this ecosystem will grow as long as these traditional organisms do not interfere in the crypto world.

However, NEM has marked a different paradigm within this debate. Thus recognizing the importance and influence of governments and financial organizations for cryptocurrencies and Blockchains.

In this way, Pedro explained to us that NEM decided to go a step further with Symbol, its new release. And this aspect of its interconnection with governments and financial entities.

“Symbol has a hybrid feature in which the very high transactional burden of governments can be left on a private sidechain. And the auditability traces can be left in turn as many times as the process requires, or the business model within the republic. Pedro clarified.

, Pedro Gutierrez: “The future of NEM will be fantastic», Forex-News, Forex-News
The launch of Symbol is a step into the future for NEM.

He also added that “Our most powerful differentiator as NEM, is based on this hybrid usability of our Blockchain. Well, it makes many industrial processes can migrate to Blockchain. This without having to consider the high transactional cost, because they can already avoid it through our hybrid feature ”.

Symbol is not a fork. It is an update of the current Blockchain. An innovation»

Pedro explained with perfect foundations how the debates on the networks regarding the launch of Symbol this March 15, fall into certain errors of concept. Well, many of the traders who are suspicious of Symbol consider this launch a fork of XEM. Or a “Hard Fork.”

To this Pedro replied that “a project that is based on a divided community can be called a bifurcation. Since a part of that community does not agree with the ideals of the initial community. And in this way it is that cryptocurrencies and Tokens are forked ».

Likewise, Pedro affirmed that the NEM community is totally compact and interconnected. And what they decided to do was update the Blockchain.

“Anyone who really knows Blockchain technology understands that to update a Blockchain, you have to make it totally new. Therefore, this new update has all the characteristics of the old Blockchain and all the new ones that we have prepared for the launch of Symbol.

, Pedro Gutierrez: “The future of NEM will be fantastic», Forex-News, Forex-News
The launch of Symbol is not a fork.

It is worth mentioning that he explained that NEM will now position itself with Symbol, as a two Blockchain project, with two Tokens. There are no plans to build a third, because Symbol is a launch that meets all the expectations and needs of the environment.

However, they do plan to add more and more powerful technologies with each Symbol update. And thus gain the prominence that NEM deserves among crypto users.

Finally, he mentioned that NEM is in tune with the technologies and advances of the 4th industrial revolution.

Well, according to the right words of Pedro “the Blockchain is part of the 4th industrial revolution.”

«The graphics is the key. Our Token has grown by 2200% »

For his part, he explained that the NEM token has grown 2,200% from May to March. This shows that NEM has managed to stay strong within the complex crypto ecosystem.

Likewise, Pedro explained that those factors that were the protagonists of this increase are simple: NEM decided to give way to a more commercial model.

‘NEM is decentralized. But at the same time, we realized that in order to achieve this massive adoption with governments, banks and with traditional companies, it was necessary to have a reliable structure ”. He explained as the fundamental factor.

He also added that “it was unthinkable to knock on governments’ doors without anything tangible for them. Thus, today we are building a commercial structure, supported by multiple professionals who give the project even more solidity ”.

Pedro explains that this type of guarantee is observed by the traditional investor, as well as by prudent investors. And so they validate that maintaining their investment with NEM and its token is totally profitable. More so now that Symbol is shortly after launch.

Ultimately, this positions NEM at a capitalization of about $ 6.5 billion. With a position of number 14 in the top of the cryptocurrencies.

In addition, NEM provides confidence to its users, because it is a blockchain that has never been hacked, nor has it suffered attacks. Nor has he had a delay in his operations.

“The community values ​​us, and our corporate decisions will allow us to catapult ourselves to be on stages and tables where large clients and governments are going to start using our technology.” He clarified, with fervent confidence in the accomplishments that NEM will soon achieve thanks to the launch of Symbol.

, Pedro Gutierrez: “The future of NEM will be fantastic», Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Pedro Gutierrez: “The future of NEM will be fantastic», Forex-News, Forex-News

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