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Microsoft Alert: New Malware Hitting Crypto Community on Windows!


On August 26, the Microsoft Security Intelligence Twitter account reported the existence of a new malware targeting Windows users that affects the crypto community.

New malware!

The crypto community has always been subject to the dangers of the Internet, mainly to the actions of hackers who improve their theft techniques every day.

«A new information theft malware we saw being sold for the first time… in June it is now actively distributed in the wild. The malware is called Anubis and it uses a forked code from the Loki malware to steal system information, credentials, credit card details and cryptocurrency wallets ”, noted in Tweet.

, Microsoft Alert: New Malware Hitting Crypto Community on Windows!, Forex-News, Forex-News

So, in a Twitter thread, Microsoft Security Intelligence (MSI) has issued an alert to the crypto community that uses Windows about a new malware called Anubis.

Anubis appears to use a forked code from Loki. It basically steals the crypto wallet credentials, credit card details and any other valuable information from Windows users.

Another important fact is that, despite bearing the same name as an Android malware, the MSI ensures that they are not related.

Likewise, the Microsoft team assured that the malware appears to be controllable and, therefore, users can trust Microsoft Defender.

How does the infection happen?

According to Microsoft, the malware has only been deployed in “What appears to be limited initial campaigns that have so far only used a handful of known download URLs and C2 servers.”

In other words, some websites can trick users into downloading Anubi, then the malware steals the information and sends it to the command and control servers.

At the moment the team ensures that it will continue to monitor the threat.

Security is an almost unattainable ideal

In this world it seems that no single measure is sufficient to ensure the security of your valuable information.

In fact, Bleeping Computer reported that a Microsoft update had caused problems. In particular, a researcher found a bug in Microsoft Defender antimalware that potentially allows malware to be downloaded.

Therefore, the moral is that, in the crypto market we must always be alert because hackers are always lurking. Especially if our savings are in danger.

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