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, Mastercard launches Start Path program, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Mastercard launches Start Path program

, Mastercard launches Start Path program, Forex-News, Forex-News


, Mastercard launches Start Path program, Forex-News, Forex-News

Credit and debit card issuing company Mastercard announced that it is launching a global Start Path program, to make it easier for consumers to purchase, spend and hold cryptocurrencies. So it continues to pave the way to transform its payments system this year.

«We look forward to further deepening our relationships with fintech creators and key partners. Above all, Opening our APIs, to promote a more inclusive economy».

Specifically, according to the statement Mastercard has chosen seven new global Startups from around the world to join the Start Path program. What will give them access to partnership opportunities, knowledge and tools to grow.

By the way, we work with these Startups through a six-month program. In which they can take advantage of the technology, experience and resources of the company.

Start Path the Mastercard program

In short, through a statement, from Mastercard they indicated that Start Path brings together a diverse network of innovators. Who seek to accelerate the way to change the world.

Because of this, Jess Turner, Executive Vice President of New Digital Architecture and Fintech at Mastercard, stated: “We believe we can play a key role in helping shape the industry. Also, provide protection and security to the consumer. Part of our role is to shape the future of cryptocurrencies».

Amy Neale, Senior Vice President of Fintech & Enablers, said: “Mastercard provides the infrastructure and assets to help financial technology innovators grow. And ultimately bring more people into the digital economy».

In addition, he added: «The newest Start Path companies represent the future of the Fintech industry. And they are designing inclusive solutions that anticipate consumer needs. We are delighted to partner with these innovators on their path to expansion.».

By the way, the Start Path program has helped more than 250 startups since 2014. Now, it provides access to startups with the latest tools and solutions from Mastercard. And so, helping these companies scale their cutting-edge innovations and technologies.

Very important, according to the Mastercard statement: “These startups use the program to connect with our ecosystem of banks, merchants, partners and digital players around the world. To offer new solutions ».

Particiapant enterprises

In particular, Mastercard reported that startups will participate in its Mastercard Start Path program. Including initiatives that build Blockchain-based payment solutions and others that design sustainable lending platforms.

In fact, seven startups have joined the Start Path program. All of them belong to the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies sectors.

In this way, the Startups that are integrated into this Mastercard network range from one destined to the creation of a market for non-fungible tokens (NFT). Up to the construction of an isolated offline camera to enable new sustainable digital assets.

  • GK8 (Israel)
  • Domain Money (United States)
  • Mintable (Singapore)
  • SupraOracles (Switzerland)
  • STACS (Singapore)
  • Taurus (Switzerland)
  • Uphold (United States)

By way of closing, those interested in participating in Start Path or in seeing more information, can enter here.

I retire with this phrase from Dwight Eisenhower: «In battles you realize that plans are useless. But you discover that making plans is essential».


, Mastercard launches Start Path program, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Mastercard launches Start Path program, Forex-News, Forex-News

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