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Luno opens its doors for Ripple and XRP


As we have stated on several occasions, the cryptocurrencies found on the podium are Bitcoin in the head, followed by Ethereum At the end Ripple. This situation applies to various aspects of the crypto market, including the use and adaptation of cryptos. An example to reflect this is the number of exchanges that accept cryptos, with XRP being the least accepted. However, recently London opened its doors to the coin, with the entrance of Luno.

Let’s meet Luno

Probably if you are a reader from Latin America, even from Spain, you may have never heard about this exchange. Therefore, to understand the news it is necessary to make a brief introduction.

Basically, Luno is the largest exchange in the United Kingdom, with its web domain hosted in London. At the moment it has more than 3 million users, which the vast majority are residents of the country. In this way, Pounds Sterling can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies.

, Luno opens its doors for Ripple and XRP, Forex-News, Forex-News

Although there is a certain limitation with respect to Luno, being that it only has three options to acquire: Bitcoin and Ethereum, also Bitcoin Cash, being the king and prince again demonstrating its power.


However, the exchange recently conducted a survey of its users to find out which cryptocurrency they wanted to add to their land. Once they finished collecting people’s responses, they published the results in an image:

, Luno opens its doors for Ripple and XRP, Forex-News, Forex-News
Luno and Ripple results as winner

Highlighting that Luno users seem to want Ripple as the fourth currency for their purchase options. Therefore demonstrating that users use or want to use XRP as a new way to move their assets.


Apparently, according to rumors published by the Forbes media page, stating that in two weeks the Luno platform will launch the announcement that they will accept Ripple. It should be noted that Forbes people are based on comments made by a trusted person on the platform.

Although they are rumors with no greater foundation than Forbes’ confidence in his informant, that Ripple is accepted and so demanded within Luno, reflects the acceptance that the currency has within the United Kingdom.

We can extrapolate this reflection to the rest of the world, thus demonstrating that Ripple is increasingly making its way into the crypto market.

To finalize the article, we ask a question similar to that of Luno’s platform. The question is, do you use Ripple or would you like more access to this cryptocurrency?

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