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Let’s study the association of Google and Theta


On May 28, we announced Google’s association with Blockchain Theta. Today we bring you 5 key points to understand this association and how it will work.

First of all, let’s understand that Theta Labs technology is currently used for streaming platforms like esports by The latter allows streamers to win a share in TFUEL Theta’s token.

The key points of the Theta association

Relieve Theta streaming networks

The partnership of Theta and Google, through Google Cloud, allows Google Cloud to offer a service for users to deploy and run nodes of Theta Blockchain network. In this sense, this collaboration will make theta’s video delivery networks more efficient through Google Cloud.

This is why the Google Cloud service is expected to ease overloaded networks everywhere by applying Theta Blockchain technology and Google’s online video distribution. Since, Theta devised a decentralized system that moves the content in small pieces by the ends of the network.

Something that common streaming services don’t own, content companies like Netflix or YouTube Alphabet keep their content on centralized data services. Therefore, for each client there is a great download. Theta and Google partnership allows this not to happen.

Greater decentralization for Google

Likewise, the decentralization of Theta Labs, will in turn allow decentralization of google at another level. This is because the tech giant will run as one of Theta’s validators.

Therefore, the annexation of the technological giant increases the decentralization of the Theta network, due to the fact that the validation notes are less controlled by the Theta laboratories themselves. This manifests a greater decentralization for the Blockchain company and also for the allied company.

A greater reach in the world

Also, this association gives the blockchain Theta a broader scopeAs the tech giant will host the node in its Ireland office. This will allow for greater decentralization of the network at the geographical level. Serving from the Google Cloud node throughout Europe.

Thanks to the association, any Google Cloud user can now deploy a Theta node through the Google Cloud Marketplace. Recognizing Google as the first European company validator owned by Theta. Similarly, Google Cloud Marketplace will provide its users with access to Theta Mainnet 2.0 and to the network of Theta Guardian.

Greater stability and confidence for Blockchain Theta

The Google node validator service will allow greater stability and trust towards the Blockchain Theta. Because, a validator is the foundation of a Blockchain network, which decides if a transaction is legitimate and attests to that transaction. Without it, a decentralized network does not work.

Also, this association will make Google Cloud the Theta’s favorite cloud, which will allow reliability and security for the users involved. One of the Google Cloud advocates came to estimate Theta, Allen Day said:

“We are impressed by Theta’s achievements in blockchain video and data distribution. We look forward to participating as a business validator, and providing the Google Cloud infrastructure in support of Theta’s long-term mission and future growth. ”

In this way, the trust placed by Google in Theta Labs can allow the growth of customer reliability and further development for the company.

Support in new projects and new alliances

By hosting a Theta validation node, Google Cloud has joined Binance, Blockchain Ventures, the Japanese company Gumi Cryptos and Samsung, among others. It will also join the new validators that are coming to the network.

Likewise, as part of the business association Google helps Theta in the launch and development of Mainnet 2.0. Similarly, Theta plans to continue collaborating with Google’s AI, machine learning, and big data initiatives.

Google gradually becomes more attached to Blockchain

It is a small step for Google, but make no mistake: The company is increasingly involved in Blockchain technology. Allen Day, Google Cloud development advocate says:

“This is one of our first validators, but we have many crypto clients. We have already made data from Bitcoin, Ethereum and six other cryptocurrencies available through our public data program. This is the next step. “

The growing interest of hundreds of companies worldwide in Blockchain technology is driving the use of it. And the technology giant is not far behind in the proposal.

Distributed ledger technology enables new business models that potentially transform the global digital economy, including the media and entertainment industry. Defend Allen Day.

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