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Kiyosaki bets on Bitcoin – CRYPT TREND


The Coronavirus crisis has brought uncertainty to the entire economy, including the crypto market. Leading several analysts to predict that COVID-19 will be the end of cryptocurrencies, while others believe that it will in fact be a boost for cryptocurrencies. Among the latter is Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Who shows that he bets on Bitcoin in our Tweet of today.

Kiyosaki’s bet on BTC

Few debates have been as fierce as the one that pits Bitcoin advocates as an active store of value, with those who see it as just another virtual currency. Well, even when the evidence brought about by the volatility generated by the Coronavirus, it seems to definitively rule out BTC as a haven of value. Voices like Kiyosaki’s are still heard, in the crypto community, defending Bitcoin.

One of these voices is, of course, that of Anthony Pompliano, the famous crypto influencer driving the idea of ​​Bitcoin as a new digital gold. But Pompliano is not alone in defending BTC, as the famous investor Robert Kiyosaki bets on Bitcoin, defending it through his tweets of the last days:

CORONA CRISIS, great for BITCOIN, SILVER AND GOLD. The US government he printed 10 billions of dollars in fake dollars to save us. EDF printing 10 trillion dollars to save DARK banks. Dollar trending for now. When the $ bearish trend starts, we’ll see parabolic in BITCOIN GOLD SILVER. Today’s best investments. DO NOT MISS ITKiyosaki commented.

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Kiyosaki bets on Bitcoin against US government actions.

In this way, Kiyosaki makes his position very clear about what is happening in the world economy at the moment. Criticizing, like most crypto world analysts, the outrageous issuance of dollars by the US government.

That is why Kiyosaki bets on Bitcoin, considering the cryptocurrency an asset value reserve that, like silver and gold, will skyrocket in the face of a drop in the value of the dollar. However, for now, the US currency appears to be in good health, so only time can tell us whether Kiyosaki is correct.

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